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07 September, 2005

Stoooopid Hospital

Well, yesterday my mother never received her phone call to tell her what to do before going into hospital etc. Today, my mother woke me up early (about five minutes BEFORE my alarm was due to go off), in order to tell me it was five minutes before I wanted to be woken up! Eh! Thanks mum! I was sort of half awake already though. My brother and mother had been talking at 5 AM for some reason. Aparently my brother went to work earlier than expected. Anyway, I drove my mother into the hospital, and we got there early because my mother, in her usual panic mode, decided we had to leave earlier than we needed to. We got there at fifteen to seven (she was due there at seven). We then got to wait around for half an hour before the nurse asked who my mother was ... and we discovered that the hospital didn't have her listed to go in! Well, the nurse tried to look her up on the computer, but got my mother's name wrong ... after that, the nurse was too busy looking after other patients for ten minutes. Then, she looked up my mother's name on the computer again ... yes, she was due to come in ... but wait, there is no paper work! The nurse then went and spoke to the Doctor ... and the Doctor said, 'Yes!' she was definitely due in that day. The nurse then had to run around to find the paperwork! While we were waiting, one of the other patients had asked my mother, 'Are you in for Helmuth?' I was a bit confused. I'd never heard of a Helmuth operation before ... what the frig is a Helmuth???? My mother relied, 'Yes!' Huh? I was deeply confused ... but as the conversation continued, I realised that Helmuth was the Doctor's name! Phew! My medical knowledge hadn't hit a brick wall! No wonder I was confused! There is no Helmuth operation ... that's why I hadn't heard of one! Well, after being there an hour, my mother was finally admitted to the hospital for the operation. I was told by the nurse to await a phone call to tell me when I can pick her up. Probably around 1 PM. I then went off to my meeting regarding starting my own business. Only, they told me I have to go back Friday ... um ... sorry, working that day. She handed me a business card, saying, 'Okay, phone this number instead and talk to someone about arranging another day.' Kewl! So off I went home ... and I phoned the number. 'Can you come in today?' 'No, I have to pick my mother up form hospital.' 'What about tomorrow?' 'Nope, working!' 'Friday?' 'Nope, still working. Can I come in Monday?' 'How about Monday?' [Didn't I just ask that?] 'Um, yeah, Monday is fine.' I grabbed a date and time off her. So, I'm off to discuss starting my own IT/Networking/Security/Server support/Training ... whatever company! [I should see if my friend Melisa wants to join me once she finishes her Degree .. of course, it is reliant on me starting the company to begin with.] Well, I'll have the money from my managed fund (once I leave it) ... so plenty of cash to play with ... provided I get some good support. I also get to do the Cert IV in Business Management through College! No problems! Me plenty smart ... me good learny guy! Another piece of paper to add to my inch thick folder of pieces of paper/qualifications etc! I got home ... one of my other brothers had phoned to try to 'catch my mother' before she went into hospital! Um ... yeah, you phoned after nine ... mum went in at seven ... I've been out ... so two messages on the answering machine from him! Grrrr! Why don't these people listen? Another message was from a bank for my youngest brother ... wanting him to give them a call! Like ... yeah, we keep giving this stupid bank his work number ... and they always phone here when he isn't here! Dumb friggin' bank! This is like the twentieth phone call from them in the last six months. Why are they so stoopid that they can't follow simple instructions! T H I S I S H I S W O R K N U M B E R . P H O N E H I M A T W O R K! Obviously we speak to friggin' fast for them! He never gets a call at work! Well, now I am just waiting for my phone call from the hospital to pick up my mother. In the mean time, I'll do some study etc for my certification and see what I can do! :-)