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05 September, 2005

Chinese Odyssey 2002

I saw a funny Chinese movie last night. Chinese Odyssey (2002), not to be confused by the movie of the same name (from about 1995 I think). The TV Guide only gave it two stars, but I liked it. (I don't always follow what the TV guide says! It gives four stars to crap, just because a movie did good at the box office. In fact, I think that's how they actually do their ratings. They look up it's box office and if it earned over a certain amount, they give it four stars ... less box office, three stars ... less again, two stars ... less again one star.) The one star ones are normally correct, because if it flopped at the box office, it usually is a dog. However, every now and then, a gem of a movie comes along which they only give two stars to. (Or a dog of a movie comes along which they give three or four stars to, just because a lot of people went to see them after all the hype, or all the effects attracted them). Anyway, inspite of the poor review in the TV Guide (which doesn't have a friggin' clue about what's good and what's not in foreign films), I watched and enjoyed this movie. It was funny to watch (yes, it's a comedy). I am so glad I ignored the TV Guide. I'd like to own this one on DVD if I can. Read more about the movie here! Yeah, it comes with subtitles for us Mandarin Impaired people. I've become so used to watching foreign films, that I hardly notice that I'm reading what they are saying any more. It seems more natural and enjoyable to me to hear it in the proper language with the mouths in sync rather than watch a stupidly dubbed movie. When I had the chance to watch 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon', I had a choice between the 'Dubbed' and the 'sub-titled' versions. I chose the subtitled. Anyway, Vicki Zhao Wei is totally hot! I saw another movie she was in recently, 'Warriors of Heaven and Earth'. She was hot in that too! Wonder if she'll be in one of my movies? hee hee! (No, I'm not suggesting anything naughty in that comment! I am serious about a part in a movie I have written! Actually, it's a serious of movies, so if she agrees to one, then hopefully she'll agree to be in the sequels too!) Maybe I should run around and try to get a grant and backing to make that movie! I want to do a second draft before I start to do that anyway! Not that my first drafts are bad. I still have some Japanese parts to translate as well. I paid my friend Lillian in coffee to translate the Chinese parts. (And the rest is in English with no reason to translate it!) :-) Which reminds me, I never did finish writing the third film in my 'Rock Saga' trilogy ... I better find time to finsh that one off! Wonder if Vicki wouldbe interested in that movie too! Actually, I've been meaning to convert the 'Rock Saga' trilogy into books anyway. I better find more time to do that TOO! Darn! I really like most of the Chinese movies I see. (So I'm not just into Japanese movies/anime!) :-) As most of my friedns can tell you, I'm also partial to a few French and other European movies too. Hollywood might be tinsel town, but it's movie efforts of late are half arsed repeatitive monkey droppings. They just keep regenerating the same stuff ad nausium, as they know people will keep eating it up!!!!
I did a lot of searching on the internet today. Mainly was I'm trying to decide 100% what I am going to do! I can now exit my managed fund and get my dirty little hands on my money. This leaves me with the dilema of what to REALLY do with my life. 1. Get my Certification and go to the UK for work! Pro - 100% confidence I can get a good paying job. - Get to travel to places I've always wanted to go. Con - It's like ... overseas! - No safety net! If I screw up, I'm broke! - I hate IT and the stress of long hours and no appreciation! 2. Get my Certification and start my own business here in Perth Pro - 100% confident I can make it work - Close to family Con - Close to family - Won't pay as much as going to the UK - I hate IT and the stress of long hours and no appreciation! 3. Finish writing one of my novels Pro - Can do it from home without exiting my managed fund - A job I love doing. Con - No guarantee of success or money. 4. Fix my musical instruments and continue recording my album Pro - A job I love doing - If I am successful, I can travel and play live all over the world. Con - No guarantee of success - How much will it cost? Will it make me broke? 5. Use my money to create a different sort of job (like owning a Subway Restaurant or something) Pro - Be my own boss - Should be easy work Con - Might fail (make me broke) - Might not like what I do The MACRO Option - Get my Certification and start IT business on a shoe string budget, fix my musical instruments and finish recording my album, finish writing novels and get them published, finish my movie script and seek grants and funding to make the movies. If all of this fails, then use money left over from managed funds to move to the UK and go back into IT! I think I like the Macro option the best ... though it still seems a little scarey to me! The only other options are to just plain starve, or get some other rubbish job somewhere! What a dilema! Forty years fo age, and I don't have a clue WHAT I want to do with my life! I only have a good idea as to what I don't want to do! And after all that, I forgot the ART stuff as well! Better insert 4a - Become an artist/painter etc! ... and slip it into the Macro option as well after the novel's! :-) Oh ... and option 6. Do a TESOL course (which I can afford) and tevel the world teaching English in China, Japan and South America etc! Geees, too many options and I still don't have a friggin' clue! Maybe I need to flip a coin! Anyone else out there have a hint for me?