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07 September, 2005

Cows Forced to Eat Grass????

There was a story in the paper about the Russian police. They were searching for drugs in a field, and trampled all the maize and sunflowers. This meant that the farmer had nothing to feed his cows for the winter ... so the police are compensating him by feeding them confiscated marijuana. Like, imagine the milk you'd get from them (with the THC drug being highly fat soluble, it'll certainly be present in full fat milk). It'd certainly give new meaning to Hi-Lo (an Aussie type of milk). Lo in fat ... makes you High! Yeah, if someone asks where the good s**t is, just point to the field. (Light up a cow pat man!) Yeah man, that's good grass! Imagine the news headline they'd have used ... 'Cows force to eat Grass' ... um yeah ... front page stuff there fellas! Russian Cow conversation: Cow 1: MooooOOOOOooooo ... ooooOOOOoooo ... oooooOOOoooo ... oh man, I think I need to be milked again ... and I'm sooo hungry! You got anything to eat man! Like, I crave chocolate man! Cow 2: Dude, let's go for pizza and stare at the television a bit more. Cow 1: Shouldn't we turn the TV on, man? Cow 2: What, and damage our eyes, dude? Cow 1: You're right, man! I can't see out of mine anyway. Too blood shot! Cow 2: MoooOOOOooooOOOoo. Oh yeah! Got any corn chips? Forget about the British and their Mad Cow disease ... we need to get the Russian ones to a Betty Ford clinic! They have a psychological addiction to weed! Sorry ... I milked that joke for all I could get! :-)
Other headlines ... Gilligan's Island star Bob Denver died. He actually passed away on the 2nd of September, but we've only just heard about it today in Australia. There are only three castaways left. Dawn Wells (aka Mary Ann Summers), Russell Johnson (aka the Professor) and Tina Louise (aka Ginger). Many years ago I read Bob Denver's book - 'Gilligan, Maynard and Me'. I also once visited his website (about three years ago) and sent him an e-mail. It was pretty lame ... but he (or his wife Dreama) e-mailed me back thanking me for the kind words etc. Some Gilligan's island trivia: 1. What was Gilligan's first name? (The character ... Gilligan was his last name) 2. Which cast member thought they were going to be the star of the show, only to find out they were a supporting actor? 3. What was Jim Backus (aka Thurston Howell the III) mumbling when he used to do his 'mumbling walkoffs'? 4. Which of the actors used to be in a series about Casey Jones? 5. Which of the actors did the voice of Mr. Magoo (the cartoon)? 6. Which of the actors won her state championship of a beauty contest? 7. Which actor was in the cult B-Grade Sci Fi movie 'It Came From Outer Space'? 8. What was 'Lovey' Howell's complete name, and who played her? (The character). 9. What was the Professor's name? 10. What is Dawn Well's (Mary Ann) nickname? 1. Willie Gilligan - In Bob's book he mentions that he was glad it was never used in the show. 2. Tina Louise was originally told by her agent that she was the star of the show. When she complained, Sherwood Schwartz said to her, 'The name of the show was "Gilligan's Island". Didn't that give you a clue?' 3. Apparently, when Jim Backus did his famous 'mumbling walkoffs', some of what he said was quite crude and unfit for little ears. (Like mine at the time!) 4. Alan Hale (The Skipper) used to play Casey Jones in a TV series of the same name. (Casey Jones of the train and song fame). 5. Jim Backus used to do the voice of cartoon character Mr. Magoo. 6. Dawn Wells was Miss Nevada. She was also in the 1960's Miss America Pagent! 7. Russell Johnson (it was one of the first 3D sci fi movies ever made! I can rememebr watching it as a kid and me and my brothers were like, 'Hey, it's the Professor!' :-) 8. Eunice 'Lovey' Wentworth Howell. Natalie Schafer played her. Once at a trivia night at a pub, one of the questions was to name ALL SEVEN actors who payed the parts on Gilligans Island. I could name the first six, but had trouble remembering Natalie's last name. I could only remember it started with an 'S'. I've never had that trouble since. 9. Dr. Roy Hinkley. (Actually, I didn't know this till I visited Russell Johnson's web page! I don't remember it being mentioned in Bob Denver's book). 10. Pooter. I have no idea why. I swiped that one off a Movie Trivia website ... so I have no idea how true it is. And just for the record, my favourite episode, was the one where all the characters are kidnapped by a mad scientist who swaps the bodies each of their minds are in. I thought that was hilarious. I remember reading somewhere, (probably in Bob Denver's book), that none of the actors were very confident in the script,and thought it was ... well basically a bad script. Yet, Bob says it is considered by many fans as their favourite episode. (Yeah, it was friggin' funny!) :-) Gilligan's Island is still in re-runs - and as is often pointed out, many of the original watchers of the show are now enjoying it with their grandkids! WOW! I've also always wanted to read Sherwood Schwartz's book, 'Inside Gilligan's Island', which explains what all seven of the castways characters represent. (Each representing a different type of person in Society ... the castaways were a microcosm of modern society). I think it would be a very interesting book if I could find it someday.