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06 June, 2005

Who Do I Ask To Go?

Here is a strange thing. I don't believe in horoscopes ... but I was reading mine the other day. Guess what it said. Something about going on a long journey. It won't make me rich, but will be productive. It also said it will be good for romance, and I know who to take long with me! Okay, I am at a loss. Surely every Gemini on the face of the planet is NOT going on a long journey. So can't be too accurate. Even if it was ment specifically for me! Then WHY the FRIG don't I know WHO the FRIG I'm Supposed to be TAKING ALONG!???? Who am I supposed to ask? Hmm ... who!? Tell me? Is it YOU? Or YOU? Or maybe some cute girl back in Sydney or something??? I have NO FRIGIN' IDEA WHO TO TAKE!
On another note, today wa sa public holiday in Aussie. My mother, brother and I played three games of Scrabble! Guess what! A FIRST! I actually lost to my mother. Admittedly, if my brother hadn't of helped her I wouldnt' have lost, but still, I am usually good enough that I can beat both of them (sometimes even getting more than both their scores combined!) Well, part of the loss was my fault! I didn't play defensively when I could have. I got greedy and decided to try to set it up so that I'd get a tripple Word Score, only to find that my mother and brother combined to take that off me. My mother scoring impressively big off the word she made "VEX". I had placed the "X" down, thinking they wouldn't be able to use it, and was ready to make "HEXED" on my next turn. My brother added the "E" to for "EX" and my mother added the "V" to form "VEX". That'll teach me not to play it the way my brain says to logically play it! I only lost be three points. But still, it is my first scrabble loss. My brother was more excited than my mother. (A I said though, he deliberately went out of his way to help my mother. I guess in official scrabble terms, it's be classed as cheating ... but still, they've cheated before and I've still won!) Oh well, that was the last game of the day. On the first two,I won impressively on the first, and made a spectacular comeback on the second. (I was down by 70 points from my mother when I scored an impressive 50 points!) It'd been difficult up till then, as I was getting only constanants and no vowels. I ended up winning by over thirty points. When the tiles come out of the bag in the right order, they really help!
Actually, my mother has been extra grumpy at me lately. She yelled at me this morning. I was on the exercise machine and apparently she was trying to talk to me from the lounge room. An obviously impossible task even when the treadmill isn't going. She ended up walking in and yelling at me saying my tape was too loud. (I was listening to Scott Adam's read his book, "The Dilbert Principle". Borrowed it from the local library. Makes for good listening when you want to exercise). Well, apparently, from the other room, my mother had been telling me about something concerning getting a CCNA. Um, yeah mum. That's that thing I keep studying for, but can't afford to sit the exam as I have no money to do it. I've been telling my mum about it for ages ... but she obviosuly never listened. Then, yesterday, my mother went with my sister, and my sisters best friend to see "Tap Dogs". My sisters best friend told my mother that they don't look at IT people without their CCNA's or MCSE's now a days. Um, yeah mum. I told you about that dilemmer about two years ago! That's why I'm studying to get it before I sell everything and go to the UK. Phase one of the UK move, get that Friggin' CCNA and a FRIGGIN' CCNP before I go. Well, after she interupted me and yelled at me a bit, she went away and I continued on my merry treadmill, clocking up fourteen Km this morning. Yesterday it wasnt' so productive, as the chaffing was killing my thighs. Today I wore some Bike pants, so it chaffed in a different location ... my ass! Bloody seams! Always causing chaffing. Doesn't help that I'm so FAT! Later in the day, my mother was doinga cross word and asked me to help. I pointed ut to her that she'd spelt Ricki Lake wrong. She'd spelled it with a "Y" instead of an "I". She said, "No, it's a Y". I said, "She spells it with an I" "Since WHEN?" "She's always spelled it with an I" "NO, SHE HASN'T! IT'S SPELLED WITH A Y!!!!" "NO, IT'S NOT! IT'S SPELLED WITH AN I!!!" "WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME!!" "YOU STARTED YELLING AT ME FIRST!!!" "NO, I DIDN'T. Um ... No, I didn't, I didn't yell!" "Yes, you did!" "No, I didn't. What's your problem?" "I don't have a problem" At this point I walked off. "You always have to get the last word! Don't you?" she called after me. "Yep! That's me. " "See, there you go again." "Yep!" "Do so! DO SO! DO SO! DO SO!" "I already said I did!" I just laughed and was in the study by that stage! I had to ignore her. I heard her make some comment to my brother about me being in a bad mood all the time. It's funny, he didn't really react much, as she'd spent the morning (and day before) yelling at him!
Well, everything does get me down a little lately. That's the joy of suffering from depressions I guess. Once again I am feeling a little trapped. My mother is always angry. My brother is angry. I'm a little tense and if my mother or brother yells at me, I yell back! I also feel a little trapped with wondering if I am studying for nothing again! I study for the CCNA, and can never afford it. There's always something which occurs to stop me from completing it. A lack of money to pay for the exam ... actually, that's the normal reason! Still, once I sell what I can, then I'll have the money. Just I don't want to find I am getting the CCNA and it doesn't do the trick. In the past I've studied for all sorts of useless things which come to nothing. When I was working at Toyota, I asked my manager what I needed to get a promotion. He'd said a Marketign certificate. So I went to TAFE (College) and did the course. I got the Marketing Certificate, went into the bosses office and said, "I've done the Marketing Certificate, their is a job vacancy open, I'd like to apply for the position." He replied, "Huh? I only said that as I thought you'd never bother to do the certificate. We can't afford to promote you. You're the only person we've got who can manage the computer systems." It doesn't take an Einstein to work out that I resigned shortly after that encounter. Another piece of paper I received which was worthless. I have a thick resume of other courses I've done (as part of getting emplyment or better jobs) which have also proven to be worthless. Actually, the first programming certificate I did, was at school. I did a course through the local community college in programming Pascal. I've never used Pascal ... EVER! It was supposed to get me a foot in the door as well. Only, to make matters worse, the Local Community College didn't even send me the Certificate. My friend Steve and Ihad done the course together, and we rocked up at the College to find out when we were getting them. They told us they'd sent it to our school. We spoke to the teacher who'd set up the course for us, and he'd told us he hadn't received them. So somewhere out there, are two Pascal Programming Certificates from Elizabeth Community College in South Australia with Steve Evan's and my my names on them, and goodness knows what happened to them. Probably decomposing on a dump site by now I'd guess. Well, just hoping all this study will not be for nothing either. I'd hate to sell everything, go to the UK, find they don't want me, and find myself stuck. (Similar to being stuck here in Perth!) Well, I'm going to rattle off an e-mail now to a company whom I had a really good interview with a couple of months ago. They told me they were going to contact me the next day to organise another interview. I then spoke to one of the bosses there last week and he was going to get back to me. He never did. I just want to fid out why the frig' they seemed so hot on me at the interview (and on the phone even), then suddenly didn't bother talking to me after that! It's pretty weird. If someone is trashing my name out there, I think I can feel another lawsuit coming on!