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02 June, 2005

Some Fun Today

Had some fun today. Got to PCYC, and had a few little chores to do. Stocked the refrigerator with drinks. Then did some computer work. Then, we were off for a presentation of a cheque at the local council. I met the Superintendent of the local Police Station. Then a woman came up to me and introduced herself as Pat. I was polite and everything, but had no idea why she introduced herself to me. As she walked away, Snr Constable Chas informed me that she was the Mayor! Yep! I got to meet and shake hands with the Mayor! I hope I didn't offend her or anything. My Uncle knows her quite well, and she is a very friendly and approachable person. After the presentation, we had to take off. We raced up the road and bought the computer supplies I needed to set up a local area Network. Then, back to work. Was lunch time, and Snr PC Chas had to go pick up some school students for a class, and went home for lunch. Got back after lunch, and went straight to work. LAN was set up in no time. Chas thought I was a genius! :-) Always good when things work out. I had a good talk to Chas about my reasons for leaving for the UK and everything. He said it sounds like I am better off heading to the UK anyway. After I got home, my mother told me that someone had tried to break in. She'd heard someone trying the front door, and she thought it was me arriving home. She went to let them in, and our dogs were going beserk. She heard the person say something like, "Oh no! Dogs!" and run away. So for the second time in two weeks we've had an attempted break in! She said she looked outside, and some white school kids were across the road. Apparently, she heard some crashes a bit later up the road, as though the kids were breaking fences or something. If the idiots trying to break in knew how poor we were, they wouldn't even try. Wonder why our house has become so popular lately? Anyway, I asked my mother, "Why didn't you call the police?" She never does! I think she should, but you can't argue with the obstinate!