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01 June, 2005

Five Question Game III

Here are my five Questions from Shoalin Tiger. As per the rule 4 ... here are the rules: The Official Interview Game Rules (copied to be passed on) 1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying “interview me.” 2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person’s will be different. 3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions. 4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post. 5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. 1. Does musical taste define a person? If so how so? As a musician, I would say yes, but not in the way a lot of people might expect. I think a more eclectic taste in music possibly defines a person more than the style/s they choose to listen to. I know a lot has been written about Largo Baroque music helping study due to it being in sync with the brains alpha waves. Recently they added that people who listen to Mozart generally have higher IQ's, mainly because of the mathematical richness of Mozarts music (I wonder if the study will show the same for Early Beethoven or Early Hayden, when their music was influenced heavily by Mozart?) Also, children who study music have been proven to have higher IQ's. Now, IQ doesn't define a person per se. However, given that music has been proven to be a great factor in personal development, the posibility of it influencing a person and helping to define them must come into play somewhere. The exposure to a greater variety of styles will [I beleive and have no scientific base for this] generally give the person greater tolerance to other peoples beliefs. I know as a classically trained guitarist and also an ex-studio musician, that musical "snobs" abound on both sides of the musical fence. I have met "Rock" musicians who claim that classical is crap and I've met "Classical" musicians who claim all Jazz and Rock is crap. In truth, there isnt' any difference between the notes each of these groups are playing. They're all written using the same musical notation. It's just that each side decides to take the "higher ground" in the arguement based on their own personal beliefs. Those personal beliefs, really are a defining factor of those people. I think the more tolerant musicians (who are generally into ANY style of music and have a wealth of musical knowledge) tend to be more tolerant people. As far as "styles" defining people though, I don't think it is as clear cut. I've met people who come across as being very similar, yet their musical tastes are very dissimilar. I can recall I was rockin' down to "The Smashing Pumpkins" album "Melancoly and the Infinite Saddness" at a party, and someone told me they were amazed that I was into them, as I was such a "nice person". Personally, I didn't see the connection. Are all Smashing Pumpkin fans "Un-nice" ??? I don't think so. I might add, being more honest about what you do and don't like is probably defining as well. I can remember meeting some people who were only into certain bands because their friends were. I guess in summary, being more open to musical ideas and honest about the music is probably the defining factor towards the person in question. Not the style/s. 2. What was the first single/album you bought and do you still have it (and like it!)? I think the first album I ever bought was either "Introducing the Eleventh House" or a Jimi Hendrix compilation album. The "Eleventh House" was a Fusion band from the seventies (Jazz/Rock - starring Larry Coryell, who is one hell of a guitarist). Both were bought as records, but I copied them onto tape. So I still have the tapes of them, and the records have since worn out. I've been trying to find the "Eleventh House" album on CD, but to no avail at present (though I've seen numerous Larry Coryell Albums). The Jimi Hendrix Compilation I haven't bothered to lookfor, as I have almost everything of his on CD now. He only released four albums, and I have a special box set of four CD's of hsi live work which had never been released (including blistering renditions of "Killing Floor" and "In from the Storm" which are two songs of Jimi's that I dearly love!) 3. If you could go back and revisit any era, when would it be and why? Probably the 1960's, as I think I have more chance of getting laid as a Hippy. I also like the fact they were more successful in their Anti-war demonstrations. It's also before the stockmarket crashes and some nice bullmarkets. I know I could probably invest in Apple, and Microsoft before they become huge and make some money. :-) 4. If you were a woman, what do you think would be the biggest advantage? Biggest advantage in being a women as oppsoed to a being a man, or just biggest advantage in life? In life - Depends if I was smart, good looking, had personality or just a hot body. Which ever of those four was the greatest outstanding feature would be the biggest advantage. I think in my case though, it might be my personality. (Even if it doesn't come across too well on line!) :-) As a male though, I am generally drawn towards intelligent women with nice personalities. That combination might work for me as a woman. The hot body and pretty face are just icing on the cake to me. Though obviously given two women on similar intellect and personalities, I'd always be drawn to the one with the nicer face. (The body I can work on by chasing them alot!) :-) Biggest advantage in being a woman (as opposed to being a man) - Um ... is there an advantage? The only one I've seen used, is where the woman uses her sex appeal to get what she wanted (and one of my old flatmates had about six different guys always buying her stuff as they were always hoping to get some sex from her! So I've seen it work). I think she hated me as her "sex appeal" didn't work on me. I'd seen behind the "Wizard of Oz" curtain and knew what was really there! :-) 5. If you got paid a decent amount to NOT go online AT ALL each month could you do it? Or would you forego the money? What constitutes a decent amount? I could easily forego going on line, as I would prefer to play guitar, paint and write. In fact, it would probably be an advantage not to go online. I'd get more work done. Actually, most weekends I don't go online much. So I am usually (but not always) here only five days out of seven. On the weekend I prefer playing "Total War" or "Capitalism II" or another computer game. Actually, Sunday is Scrabble day in our house. (My mother and brother are still trying to defeat me!) The money would have to cover the fact I am still under contract for the ADSL connection, and also the disadvantage of having to follow the stock market through another means (as I usually watch it every weekday). Plus, the research I do and the ease of contact with friends via e-mail. So covering phone calls would be a must, and they are LONG distance phone calls. But, if that 'decent amount' of money was there, then Yes, easily. The internet is just convenient.