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01 June, 2005

Stranger Danger

Several things to report today. First, my Great uncle Harold has died in the UK. Apparently, he had a heart attack, and was found by his wife in the garage. He was rushed to hospital. He was in a coma, but died nineteen hours later. RIP Great Uncle Harold. He was about 83 years old. My Uncle Nigel flew in from Beijing (where he lives), and my mother's cousin (the Chinese one who's name I don't know) for the funeral. This all happened a few weeks ago, we only heard about it recently, as my mother's family in the UK had only written recently. Second, about a week ago, a girl came to our door claiming that she was being chased. She asked to come in and have a drink of water and to use the toilet. My mother, who answered he door, said no to her. The girl didn't look like she'd been running or anything, and she also had a jumper wrapped up, and her hands under the jumper. We thought that was pretty weird, as it was a warm night. Any way, we heard her walk to the end of our drive way, and have a discussion with a guy, and then they went around the corner, got in a car and drove off. My mother was talking to my Nana, and my Nana pointed us to the latest copy of the 'Open Road' magazine. In the magazine it talked about the latest craze in home break ins around our area. Apparently, the people come to your door, tell you a cock 'n' bull story in order to enter your home. Once inside, they then rob you. (As opposed to them physically breaking in and attacking you). Apparently, they usually conceal a weapon under a jumper they are holding. So it looks like we were an attempted burgulary last week. Very suspiscious. As my mother pointed out. If the girl was being chased like she claimed, she would have looked like she'd been running, and also she'd have asked to phone the police, NOT asked for a glass of water and to use the toilet. If any of you out there ever encounter this, offer to phone the police for the person rather than let them into your home. We live in a pretty bad neighbourhood, so are very suspiscious of things which happen around us. My mtoher says that if we end up winning some money soon, she's going to get some better security for the house. Like bars on the windows and such. Turn the place into a fortress.