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04 June, 2005

The Post I Wanted to Write Last Night

Yep! Last night I was too tired to write the post I was going to - other than the Episode VII post (where I was answering more questions!) Well, here is what happened yesterday: Started the day by logging on and reading e-mails etc. Then off to the PCYC. (Police and Citizens Youth Club). Last night was the DISCO for Primary School kids. Before starting though, fixed a printer (the cable keeps falling out of it, and that's about all. Easily fixed. The user doesn't seem to check when it happens, even though I keep telling her what it is.) :-) THen, did some admin work, and searched though the Yellow pages and posted letters to places we thought might donate some things for the PCYC Quiz night. Then, came the BIG EVENT. Luckily it wasn't as big as normal. Usually there are between one hundred and fifty to two hundred school kids at the Disco. Due to them not pushing the event, and also the long weekend, we were fortunate that thre was only eighty or so kids. (Well, from a fund raising point of view it's not good. Just good that we were not over whelmed in the canteen by the number of kids). Anyway, I started off helping to set the disco up. Then I was the Chip Fryer. (Or cook) :-) So I spent the first part of the night chucking chips into the fryer and then getting them out, then pouring chicken salt over them, then chucking them into little buckets. After a while, I'd cooked too many. I was originally told I wouldn't be able to keep up. Due to the low turn out though, it wasn't too bad. The thing I found amazing, was the kid poured heaps more chicken salt on the chips, and tomato sauce, and vineger. I am talking ENOURMOUS preportions of the stuff. No wonder allergies and hyperactivity are on the rise. I swear, after all the sugar they consumed in the form of lollies, soft drinks etc etc, these kids had a big buzz happening. You could see the hyperactivity just oozing out of them. I was also surprised by the amount of make-up some of the girls were wearing. We're talking first to fourth grade kids here. Funyn thing was, some of them were almost my height too. I'm like 165 cm tall (5'5" for you Americans out there), and some of these kids were close to 155cm (5'). These are like ten year olds. Well, the night was a big success. They gave away two CD players, two DVD players and a BIKE! Yep! All donated. Also, we gave away some free drinks. As a bit of a reward, I was told I could cook anything I wanted for dinner and have a drink. Well, due to my allergies, I couldn't eat anything they had, so i went to the local subway restaurant. I did have a schweppes lemonade though. Then, came home and sat on the computer for a shor while answering the last lot of "Five Questions" for Episode VII. :-) Then, off to bed! Ah sleep! So nice to have. :-)