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31 May, 2005

Five Question Game II

Some may remember the Five Question Game - Previously I'd been asked by Silencer of the Silent Room to answer five questions. Now I've asked Suanie, Kimberlycun and a few others to interview me. (KY and ST's questions to come). Wondering how to play? The Official Interview Game Rules (copied to be passed on) 1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying “interview me.” 2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person’s will be different. 3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions. 4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post. 5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
Here are my answers:

Suanie's Five Questions to me:

1. If you could stay in anywhere else other than your current location, where and why?

Well, at present I am moving to the UK, but that's more for work reasons! (aka I need a job to feed myself!) Personally, I'd rather choose Japan, but mainly because of my obsession with all things Japanese. 2. What is the one thing you regretted not doing?

Short answer – Not following ART as a career choice earlier in life, (Art as in painting, music writing).

Long answer - I regret not telling my parents and teachers where to go, and doing an Arts Degree. When I was in school, my teachers were convinced that I should become a Doctor or a Lawyer. I wanted to be a writer, or musician, or artist. My parents forbade me doing an Arts Degree, and I was told I had to do something sciency or at least non-art. So I chose IT, and ignored all the subjects I liked the best. (ie the arts type subjects) ... when I started Uni, I began a Geology Degree ... then a Science Diploma ... then a Physics Degree ... never really being happy, as I wasn't doing what I wanted. Then ... I left, and started doing music as a career! Yes, I ended up in the right place for a short time ... but guess what, my finance at the time and her mother decided “music” wasn't a real career ... so I went into IT. I should never have stopped, but should have pursued music all the way (Or even writing or art!) Now, the wife has run off, and I am left in a career I never wanted that I am having trouble removing myself from! Talk about regret! Phew! :-)

(Yes, I realise that all along I was the one with the power to chose ... which is why “I regret not doing” what I wanted, and I don't ”blame others” for my bad choice. They are just mentioned as they were the catalyst for the way I made the poor decision.)

3. If you had the power to change your country's foreign affairs legislation, what would it be?

I would change many of the Governments Foreign policies. Mandatory detention would be the first though. Mainly as it's cruel and barbaric. Some people in this country have already been cleared to be let into Australian society, and yet they are still locked up in detention centres. Some people are still in detention and have been for over four years. The Government should move quicker and either decide they are free or decide they should be sent back from where they came. I could talk for ages on this, and I am sure you've heard most of the arguments already. At the end of the day though, I truly believe Mandatory detention is wrong, and if the people are not true refugees, or are criminals, then they should be sent back to their countries of origin, and NOT locked up. The rest should be allowed to enter the country freely.

4. How far do you think you would go in Fear Factor?

Only until they get to the food challenge. As a Vegetarian, eating brains, worms or any part of an animal is where I'd stop! I doubt they'd have some vegetable matter to eat. Of course, sometimes they have other events, like having scorpions piled on you, or snakes. That I could do! Running along in high places, skydiving, jumping from moving vehicles ... easy! But eating animal matter. Nope! Of course, the last event might be difficult to win! (provided I got that far). But I am a bit of a daredevil, so I'd give it my best shot if I got that far! Not being the fittest person on earth, I doubt I'd win. But, if there was no eating weird stuff, I'd make it to the final day!

5. Why do we need spoons?

Main reasons we need spoons, um, are we talking eating spoons, or the sexual position? Sexual position was one of my ex's favourites. That's why we need that, it's FUN FUN FUN! (Not as fun as the cowgirl position ... but don't try imagining me doing that!)

Of course, the normal eating spoon, is used in eating soups, ice cream and other substances of a runny nature that forks and chopsticks just can't handle! :-) If someone abolished spoons, then we'll have to eat those runny things straight out of the bowls. :-)


Kimberlycuns Five Questions for me:

1. Which is a better way to curb smoking; banning of ciggies or counselling, and why?

Banning it would be better. Mainly as Nicotine is addictive. I used to do drug rehab in Kings Cross in Sydney, and I know that to get people off addictive substances the best thing to do was remove them from their supply. All the counselling in the world doesn't work while they still have the temptation to take the easy way out and return to their addictive substances. We used to have the statistics too on best methods for getting off addictive substances, and cold turkey was the best way to get them off and keep them off. (while other methods boast a higher percentage of getting people off substances, they often don't stay off them.) Of course, in the case of smoking, there are other methods, like the patch and stuff. I've never heard of anyone taking counselling for cigarettes though. We used to send the drug addicts to a farm (they could leave at any time), but it was free from substances, and we were able to apply counselling then to get to the root of why they began drug abuse, and help them though their issues. But for cigarettes, the patches, chewing gum and other methods of weening people off or getting them to go cold turkey would be the best. It's probably closer to a “choice to ban the substance for ones self”. At the risk of seeming unpopular though, I don't see why they don't ban cigarettes anyway (or at least make them non-cancerous and non-addictive).

2. What do you see yourself in 10 years?

To be perfectly honest, I am really not sure. Some things that I'd like to be with though.

a. A loving wife (or at least someone who can act good enough to fool the kids!) b. Some kids (who are biologically mine & my wifes [when I get a wife]) c. A house d. Hopefully have the Arts career (musician/writer/painter) going well enough that I can support the family. e. Have my stocks/shares portfolio working better for me than the one I have.

3. What is the one object that you absolutely can't live without?

Probably my guitar. Or a guitar at least. It was the instrument which got me through my unhappy childhood. I could always write songs to curb my depressions and express my anger, disappointment and other emotions which I was never allowed to express in any other form. (Not without taking a beating from someone anyway!) :-)

4. If there's only one kind of dessert in this world what would you rather it be; chocolate or ice cream?

For some people, this might be a difficult decision, but for me it's a no brainer. Even though I eat very little ice cream, it would be my dessert of choice. It comes in more flavours than chocolate. (I love mint choc chip!) I am also allergic to chocolate (even though it's so darn yummy!) I can't eat too much without vomiting blood. (Yes, it's an allergy that can kill me!) I often joke, saying if I was to commit suicide, I'd do it by eating a couple of bars of chocolate and drinking heaps of orange juice. (Both have same effect of making stomach bleed internally. Coffee does too, but I don't like the taste of it!) So ice cream wins easily. 5. Regardless of cost and ability, would you choose to do something for yourself or the world?

Something for the world. As my third ambition in life is to “save the world” it is right up there on the to do list. :-)

In fact, the main thing I'd like to do for the world, is get a colony on Mars. Main reason, it stops an extinction situation like the dinosaurs had. (ie we will be on two planets – chances of a meteor hitting both any time soon is remoter than it hitting one planet. Two planets for humans doubles our chance of survival) Hopefully it will remove some pressure on the earth's eco system too, help stem over population and hopefully give a bright future for humans to look forward to. I hope it will cause humans to be more forward looking and encourage them to reach for the stars, so we can explore new worlds and colonise them too (also helping improve humanities ability to survive and continue).

In a way, doing something for the world is actually doing something for me too! :-) So I achieve both. Don't you hate us over achievers? :-)

So, if you feel like being interviewed, then just write a comment to me, and I'll interview you. :-)