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02 June, 2005

Five Questions Episode VI - Return of the Jetty

Episode VI - Return of the Jetty. (I don't remember it leaving!!!) Links to Previous Episodes: Episode V - The Empires Bike Pack Episode IV - A New Hope (I meant to call it A No Hope .. but darn! Wasn't thinking!) Episode IV has the links to all previous Episodes if you are really interested. :-) Five Questions from God. 1. If the whole world is ending next week and you get to kill 1 person, who would you kill ? I don't think I could unless it was in self defense. I sort of have something inside me which doesn't allow killing. Even if everyone is going to die next week, I doubt I could do it. 2. If one day, god of your belief, comes down in front of you and give you one wish, what would it be? Salvation for the human race. Everyone! 3. One thing you can voice out and will be heard, what would the words be ? Hmmm, wonder if this is time to sing my personal Theme song I wrote many years ago, or time to express another one of my songs to the world. Anyway, First Verse of my Personal Theme goes like this: Hold me up Keep me from Despair And I need I need to know that you care Hold me up. I'd have to sing the rest of the song to the world too .. but can't be bothered writing the lyrics at present. They bascially reverse the sentiments of the first verse and say that I'll hold "you" up and stop you from falling. To summarise the meaning - help me get through this life, in return I will help you. 4. Who you wish to see the most naked ? Next time I get to KL, we'll stand on a street corner, I'll point to them as they walk past, and you tear their clothes off. Okay? lol Actually, I have no idea. I've thought about this a lot, and I really, truely don't know. If I want to see someone naked, I can always buy a magazine or look at one of my own pieces of art work. HERE - HERE - HERE Of course, after saying all that, if you know any girl who wishes to pose for some of my art work (even with their clothes on), then please send them this way! :-) 5. Do you believe we are the only people in this universe, yes/no? WHY !!! Yes, we are the only two people in the Universe Terence. The rest are figments of our imagination! Just kidding! :-) Seriously - Yes and No. I really don't know. I personally don't see why not, but at the same time, the arguement that "the Universe is so big that their must be" doesn't really prove that there is. (It's like saying that if you throw six dice then the probability is one of them will be a six. When you actually do it, you don't always get a six, and other times you get many. Even if the probability of life evolving in the Universe says that a million planets should have life, in reality it still may not be true. We might be alone.) I will tell you why I think they might exist. (Other than the fact that I run SETI@home on my computer). My family has had a few "encounters" that I'll now talk about (at the expense of people calling my family crazy). FIRST ENCOUNTER - When I was about 3 years old, my mother awoke to see an "alien" standing over her bed. It made her jump out of her skin, and it faded away. Supporting evidence to this was that other people in the area also saw the same thing and drew exactly the same alien on TV and in the Newspaper. I also had a similar incident where I saw these things looking at me, but I always put it down to a nightmare from that time in my life. (Using logic to support my denial ... possibly). Logically, I place this incident down to some possibilities. A thing called Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (where people often see things in a state half awake half a sleep - but very real for the person seeing it.) Possibly a contamination of some kind in the food (similar to what they believe happened at Salem, when the rye developed Ergots which acted like LSD - aka the Salem Witch Trials). Last possibility is there were actually aliens in our house and the houses in the surrounding area. SECOND ENCOUNTER - Not a real encounter though. This one was in Malaysia - when I was about six. The newspapers were reporting people seeing Aliens (which looked very similar to the ones from Australia) - my mother kept saying they looked the same. Would be interesting to try and locate one of the newspapers from that time. I remember a drawing on the front page! (Yes, it was front page news in Penang! At least in the English speaking papers there!) Possible explainations same as last encounter. THIRD ENCOUNTER - When we lived at Quinns Rocks (Perth - WA), when I was about ten to thirteen y/o, we used to see a lot of stange orange balls in the sky. Many of our neighbours also witnessed them. As my father was in the airforce, I can confirm that they showed up on the radar, and they weren't Aircraft (not Commercial ones or Aussie Airforce ones anyway). They actually had some show on TV about it, where they claim there was a UFO base off the shore of the Quinns area, and some psychic claimed it's where Atlantis is (though he said we'd find it within a year! Pttthhh! Never did!) Possible explainations - Foreign Spy Aircraft from USSR (or somewhere). Or Aliens! [Too fast for weather balloons or any other such nonsense - these things could move!] Whatever they were, they were FAST and they were SOLID. Other than those encounters, I have nothing I would consider evidence of any other life in the Universe at this time. What were those things? I honestly don't know. I saw them, I know that the Orange balls in the sky off Quinns were real, as there were plenty of witnesses and the RAAF confirmed them on the radar. Still, it's not proof that they were Alien spacecraft visiting earth. (Of course, another possibilty concerning the 'aliens' people see, are they may be humans from the future using time travel to check out the past.) Last possibility comes from the Bible - where it said that in the end ties there would be strange sightings in the sky. UFO encounters only really started to become common since 1948 (not counting Foo Fighters etc from WWII). Maybe it signals the return of Jesus as some people believe. Who knows?
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