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30 May, 2005

Bumper Birthday Special!

The Birthday Boy! My Brother Jeff Brother Paul & his wife Nerali - Paul is pulling a face, as no one in my family likes posing for pictures. My mother always complains that she can never get a nice picture of any of us .. ever. lol Sister Angella Family Left to Right - Nerali, Paul, Jeff, Me, Kim (brother in-law) The Cake. Notice my mother dotted the "V" instead of the "I" in David. Made it look like it said Daird! Who the frig is Daird? Anyway, two of my Warhammer Knights are jousting on the cake, and the "40" looks like it's falling over! We'd already blown the candles out, but they hadn't got a shot. Here I am pretendig to blow the candles out again, with help from nephews Ethan (blue shirt) and Adam (green shirt). Before the candle blowing and cake cutting. Notice the large knife in my right hand ... and the "40" badge on my left breast. Yes, they didn't want me to forget I was "40" ... even if I did carry a big knife, they just weren't afraid! Imagine if the movie "Halloween" was like that - "Look, he's got a knife!" ... "Oh dont' worry, he's FORTY! Pttthhh!" Some of the nephews playing cars. From left to right - Adam, Ethan and Joshua. My Niece, Cayley. Old Fat Face himself ... I mean me! hee hee! The Merry Family. - Left to right - Me, Ethan, Adam, Angella, Elijah, Kim and Cayley. More of the Cake ... this time we relit the thing so Joshua could blow the candles out. Left to right - Me (and my "40" badge), My wonderful Mummy, Ethan and Joshua. Posted by Hello