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28 May, 2005

Tired! Tired! Tired!

Yes, very tired today. Almost missed the bus into the city this morning. Had a nice 100 metre dash to the bus stop, arms flailing wildly to make sure I got the bus drivers attention. When I hopped on the bus, he said, "Don't worry, I would have waited." Well, I am never sure. I've had bus drivers not see me, and drive off and stuff. Well, I was weezing pretty hard. You wouldn't think I run evey morning ... just not normally a mad sprint though. I sat up the back of the bus and had an asthma attack. I checked in my bag, and I didn't have a ventalin. Damn! I coughed all the way into the city. Had a nice day discussing Stockmarket Analysis. So many different ratios and stuff you can use to analyse the market with. Still, was very interesting and I am sure I learnt a lot. Got home, any my brother Jeff and I went down the road. He had to buy a chicken for the kids to eat tomorrow at my surprise b'day party. I bought some chips for dinner. My mother and brothe ate some of my chips, even though they'd already eaten dinner. I've had an aching head all day, and been feeling pretty sick this afternoon. I hope it isn't a migraine coming on. Last thing I need for my B'day! Oh well, guess I'll play a few games, take over the world (in the games) and have an early night. So tired! GGrrrrrrr! Darn old worn out man that I am!