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27 May, 2005

More Volunteer Stuff

Had a great day at the Polie and Citizen's Youth Club today. I thought I was going to be setting up a LAN for them, but the Senior Constable had to go for the day. I started off ripping the memory from one computer and adding it to a better one. First computer had 128MB of RAM, but has a lesser CPU and lesser HD. I added the 128MB to the 64MB to get 192MB of RAM into a nice computer. I then decided to get their printer to work by loading the drivers off my old Win98 disk. When I did, the stupid disk loaded the MSMOUSE.VDX onto the system. This caused the mouse to cease functioning. I then spent an hour trying to figure out why the mouse wasn't working. This is what happens when you get a Network Engineer who is used to a real OS (Unix or Linux) to fix PC's running Windows. Still, I figured it out and removed MSMOUSE.VDX, to find the mouse started working again! Phew! Almost ruined a great start! :-) Next, they decided I could help them out by writting the addresses of one hundred and eleven businesses onto envelopes. Always a lazy bastard (like I am), I told them I'd type it out. [No writers cramp for this little black duck!] So, I set up a word document, typed all one hundred and eleven business addresses into the doco and printed them all onto envelopes with the printer I'd just set up to work. They were pretty impressed. (Imagine how flaming impressed they'll be when I set up the LAN next week, and they'll all have e-mail, internet access and be able to access each other's drives and printers!) Easily done with one four port hub, and four cables! Presto! [Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a LAN out of a hat!] I then folded letters and stuffed them into the envelopes. They decided there was enough time to add some more businesses to the list. So I added them to the word doco and printed out more envelopes. I started sticky taping the envelopes closed. One of the girls thought that was really cleaver as she was going to lick them all. Ai Carumba! [And yet I refrain from the obvious sexual inuendo I could add to the lick comment! How controlled of me!] :-) Even though all the envelopes were police ones, and had "Postage Paid WA Government" on them, apparently we still need to stick stamps on them. Luckily I got through all of them. The Senior Constable returned at the end of the day, and I discussed briefly what was needed for the LAN before I left. All in all a good day. On the way home I picked up the cake for mt surprise B'day party this Sunday! Hurrah! I'll never guess what type it was! :-) Or who it's for! :-) Tonight my brother and I had another "Red Dwarf" DVD marathon. [Thanks to my mother's Series VI DVD]. I remember when Red Dwarf first came out. I was the only person I knew who watched it. Then, after I stopped watching, suddenly it became popular with some of my friends. Why am I always out of step and ahead of my time?! Waaaaaaahhhh! Oh well, guess I am the trend setter in some groups I know.