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08 June, 2005

Obnoxious Meme

Well, with the prevalence of Meme's going around (and you know how much I love answering questions ... '42' wooops, wrong answer!), I thought it was about time there was an obnoxious meme. Actually, the things which brought this on were two fold. First, I know some people hate doing meme's, so I decided this one would be a voluntary meme. Rather than one which gets sent, it is one you have to take. Second, I remember that every now and then, you run into people who ask the most rude, or embarassing questions. An example of this is when I was at a party, and a guy I knew (actually, I don't know why he was there, as no one liked him. He had a very low opinion of women and very dubious business pratices. Actually, he used to sell contraban in Moscow at one stage ... get the picture). Well, this guy walked up to the NEW GF of my Best friend at the time, (yes, I trade my best friends in all the time. Have to keep them fresh!), and the first thing out of his mouth (before saying, "Hi, I'm ***" or "Nice to meet you"), was "So, what's ***** like in bed?" Another good example of this was when my elder brother met my brother in law Kim for the first time and said, "So, you're the guy F***ing my sister!" Yes, some people just have no social tact or grace. So why not have an obnoxious meme, to which a lot of my favourite people can reply usign the foul language they like to use. Yes, I'm not constructing this meme in order to get ligitimate answers, nor to get embarrassingly truthful answers to these questions, I am actually expecting people to react abhorantly towards the questions, as any normal person would do. Without much ado, here are the rules: 1. This meme must be TAKEN, NOT passed on. 2. Anyone can take the meme, but they must include a link to the site they took the meme from. 3. You DO NOT have to answer anything truthfully, or even in good humour. (aka you can answer any way you like - swearing, nicely, honestly if you must). 4. You can ADD new obnoxious Questions that you have heard, or can think of to the meme. They don't have to be real (though real ones are probably better). 5. If you take the meme, leave a comment on the site you took it from. 6. If you take the meme, you may remove any questions which take the total number over TEN. If the total number of questions is TEN or less, you must answer them in some way and or form. 7. You're allowed to use the meme to vent frustrations. Here are the first Obnoxious Questions: (And my answers) 1. Who did you last sleep with, and were they any good? HEY! Who the F*** do you think you are asking questions like that! 2. Weren't you in the waiting room of the local VD clinic on Monday? Are YOU KIDDING! 3. So, what's your GF/BF like in bed? I heard they were dumping you and wanted an insiders opinion on their performance! Get F****ed creep! Why would my GF dump a catch like me! 4. So, does size really matter? Why? Are you bothered by your lack? 5. I've been sleeping with your BF/GF and lost there number. Can I grab a copy from you? Yeah, sure. :-) End of first Obnoxious Meme. Hope you have fun. :-)