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07 June, 2005


THE LAST BLOG I READ WAS: Fuckstress Though, to be perfectly honest, I grabbed this meme from her, as she didn't know who to pass it to. (Or didn't know anyone in particular to pass it too. I did request it in her comments section, but she never responded, so I grabbed it any way. Gives me somethin' to do today without having to think too hard about what to write).

I THINK MY BLOG IS WAY BETTER THAN THAT BLOG ABOVE BECAUSE: I swear less. I am more prolific and eclectic. I don't have problems with Auditors, as I am pretty good at being a "people person" when I am cornered like a rat in a sewer! :-)

IMHO THE BEST ENTRY I HAVE EVER BLOGGED IS : Best Entry is something that maybe my readers can bestow upon me. As I am usually my own worst critic, I'd be a pretty poor judge of what I do that is good. THE FIVE BLOGS I READ THAT MAY BE BETTER THAN MINE ARE: (Actually, I think these ARE better than mine). Wil Wheaton - Though, to be perfectly balanced, he has written books and is a bit of a celebrity. (Having been an ACTOR on such things as STAND BY ME and STAR TREK! I just find his interests often are similar to my own, such as his interest in The Beat writers. I love "Junkie" by William Buroughs.)

Shoalin Tiger - He's a bit of a Geek, (woops, look who's talking!) so he's set his site up very well,and he's also a pretty good writer and stuff. I like adding my two cents into the comments, even if it's not wanted. :-)

Suanie - Actually, her's was the first Blog that I read religiously. Mainly as I knew her via AsianEuro web site. I'd seen other blogs and take part in SlashDot a little, (see note below) but Suanie's was the first blog to perk my interest in blogging myself (having been published as a poet and done other music / acting work - it's a great creative outlet for me!)

(NOTE: SlashDot seems to be a forum for people who don't know what they are talking about trying to force other people to take on their misguided beliefs. I usually only add humourous comments there now. I got tired of idiots who knew nothing trying to tell me how to do my job, when they obviously had no idea about how my industry works. You can't argue with idiots, as I always say!) :-)

KY - Because he's funny. He's good with drawing little art things and I know he steals stuff form other sites, but he steals quality. Not like some blogs which steal stuff for the sake of adding content ... like what I did tonight! D'oh! hee hee)

Aika's site - Shes a Japanese Ceramic Artist. Her blog is mainly in Japanese. You can get it translated through google or whatever, and it doesn't translate well, but makes for an interesting read if you are into her type of stuff. I like the way she set her website up, and I like the art she creates.

NOTE: Neil Gaiman and James Wolcott, who are celebrities who's blogs I also occassionally read didn't make this list for two reasons - 1. I don't read their blogs that often & 2. They often write about things which I don't find as interesting as other blogs that I do go to more often. It's not that they are bad blogs, they're blogs are better than mine too ... not a difficult feat, but I chose the top five on MY list of blogs I visit. :-)

Actually, there are probably other NON Celebrities who's blogs I visit who are better than mine ... see end of point 2 above! :-)

I KNOW MY READERS ARE ADDICTED TO MY BLOG BECAUSE: I have readers? Every now and then I get comments. Sometimes friends send me information about my site via e-mail saying stuff like "Wow! Love your site. keep writing." but how often do they return to read? I don't know. The most hits I had in one week was about 400 and the least was about 16 (not including my own coming and going from this site!) So, it is rather spasmodic and I doubt I have a dedicated readership.

I am now passing this baton to the following five people and they MUST to do the same holier-than-thou meme: I'll try passing it to these bloggers. Whether they do it or not, I have no idea. They may tell me to get stuffed. Anyway, I'll see if they are interested. As most of my friends who I actually "physically know in person" don't blog, I think it might be a bit of an imposition ... I'll send it to these people anyway. :-) Jojo Mr Ryuu Dragon Hanyi Mami Melisa