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26 May, 2005

Worlds Boringest Blog?

Hmmm, just wondering if my blog is really the world's most boringest blog? Someone just gave me some kudos on one of my old blogs which hasn't been updated in months (mainly as I started using this one intensively. That is, it hasn't been updated as I was using this one ... not the person giving me kudos for not updating. Though if that was the case, it might be very sad too) :-) It's a sad day when an inactive blog get's better feedback than an active one. Of course, I know this blog gets more people coming to it. Last moonth I averaged 9 people a day. As usual, I assume one of them is me. That means a whole eight people came here and didn't comment. Maybe my writing doesn't leave much for anyone to comment on. Does the silence mean they agree with my observations ... or does it mean the postings about my life are so mundane that there isn't really anything to say about them?. Or are people afraid to comment in case I chose to disagree? Actually, as per usual, a lot of my friends who come here send me e-mails instead of commenting. It really reduces the feedback when the comments arrive in my inbox and not here for all to see and read. I think some of the best blogs I go to are the ones where a discussion takes place. Often people have other insights into things I haven't thought about. Other slants is what makes the world rich. It's one of the things people are worried about at present. The absolute way the US inflicts it's culture on other nations will eventually reduce everyone to lacking creativity. It's not that the US isn't creative. After all, it's bought us Jazz, abstract expressionism, and other modern forms of art in architecture, dance, etc. It's just that, eventually, all creativity will be heading in the same direction and the inovation will all be along very similar lines. Make note, this is not the critisism of US culture. It is the problem with one culture dominating the world so much, that very little to nothing is left of the less dominant cultures. [And before any one from the US says I am American bashing, I haven't once laid the blame of this on the US, or Americans.] In many cases, psychologists have talked about artist couples who, after becoming a couple, find their works begin to merge. They start to affect each other, to a point where their works become almost indistinguishable from each other. This is something similar to what a lot of people are fearing will become of the world. Where the US culture becomes so dominant, that it will be the only culture and only way to think on the planet. Will the human race become so similar that eventually everyone will only see one way to go, and forsake all others? In the past many great civilisations have taken different paths and it has made the human race rich and diverse. Will we eventually become mundane and similar in everything? Will a trip to previously exotic locations become trips to "same old thing, differnt place"? Will it stop our urge to travel? Will it kill our curiousity? One hope (I believe) is that once we head into space, and have space stations, bases on the Moon and Mars, the diversity and cultures will again begin to disperse. Scientists and artists in the differnet locations, hopefully, will begin to develop different solutions to problems. Of course, the damage may have already been done. With most Universities teaching similar ways of thinking, will there only be the one way to do things by the time we get to the stars?