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12 July, 2006

Good News Everybody!

Good News Everybody! This month started and I had ZERO work until the 31st of July for my business. THEN, I did what most people who run their own business have to do when there isn't work, I went hunting it down, like a wounded mammoth. [The work being the wounded mammoth. I just look like a mammoth, but without the wool ... whcih means I look like an elephant. So ... to imagine this correctly, visualise an elephant huntig down a wounded mammoth and you'll be able to get the idea ... or something.] :-) ANYWAT, organise the Introduction to GIMP course for later in the month. [You can check it out on my BRAND NEW COMPANY WEBSITE ... which is still pretty noob like, as I have to work on the content a LOT.] PLUS, remember I was chasing a contract with one of my clients. Well, today I just got the good news. Two month contract with them, starting MONDAY! w00t! With possible extensions for more months. It never rains but it pours. To prove it, I've had early morning phone calles everyday this week. Monday and Tuesday was from one client. Phone rang at 8:30AM this morning and I begrudgingly got out of bed thinking it was the same client. NOPE, different client. So, I gave them some freebie advice over the phone ... and spoke to a printer technician who was there and everything ... received an e-mail from them asking me to go in and look at the network to see what the problem is. So, I have some more work for tomorrow. RAINING! So, for a month which started with one days worth of work, has turned into one with at least ten days worth of work. [Plus, I've got the website up and running and ... well, I better write Parte Two of the Superman saga, else people will hunt me down like a wounded mammo... elephant!] :-)