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09 July, 2006

If Dabido was Bill Gates - Part Two

1. Harry Potter send up - Perry Pooter, currently at Part Nine. 2. Dabido Reading Poem of Socceroos Qualifying for the world Cup 3. Wuthering Heights send up 4. Dabido and the Aliens from Mars 5. Kill Pizza (The Movie) 6. Da Vampire Code 7. Dabido goes to Japan 8. Dabido and the Italians DONE! 9. Dabidi Holmes 10. Pride & Prejudice - The Dabido Way 11. What if Dabido was Bill Gates [must be more than 3 posts long]. 12. Dabidostein (Horror Story) 13. Superman - The handbag snatcher [a.k.a. Superman snatches Dabido's handbag] What if Dabido was Bill Gates - Part Two Well, now that I've successfully got the Robot economy going, and made everyone in the world rich, my next job would be to invent the Star Trek Warp Drive. I'd get with my good mate Richard Branson and see how my money could help him and his interspace tourism thing especially in the hope of getting things to new solar systems and pour lots of money into inventing the STARGATE, named after myself of course. This would bring about new TV Series, as well as stimulating more artistic content throughout the Galaxy. In turn, I would buy up someone like FOX or another media network, or even create my own DGB [Dabido Gates Broadcasting]. This would air my rock bands own channel for free, as well as multi-national interlanguage channels for free. [Such as the DSN - Dabido Samurai Network, dedicated to playing Japanese Samurai movies and TV Series. With some emphasis on the old Kurosawa epics]. In turn, I will start to buy up other bands. I would create a stable of rockbands, my own label and build a huge starship which I will deliberately avoid naming Titanic for fear of space ice burgs. The starship will be the most luxurious ever built (as befits the worlds even richerest man .. neigh, the SOLAR SYSTEMS richerest man ... Neigh the Earth Empires richerest man) ... I will move to the spaceship and live there full time, using the GalacticNet (the galaxies answer to the internet). I will get Hugh Heffner to set me up with a Playboy bunny that he can find who has six degrees (cause I don't want dumb off-spring) and mate with her ... after all, if she's a bunny she should be able to breed like a rabbit ... right? :-) Let's face it, the galaxy will need as many Dabido Gates as possible. :-)