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10 July, 2006

What if Dabido was Bill Gates - Part Three

1. Harry Potter send up - Perry Pooter, currently at Part Nine. 2. Dabido Reading Poem of Socceroos Qualifying for the world Cup 3. Wuthering Heights send up 4. Dabido and the Aliens from Mars 5. Kill Pizza (The Movie) 6. Da Vampire Code 7. Dabido goes to Japan 8. Dabido and the Italians DONE! 9. Dabidi Holmes 10. Pride & Prejudice - The Dabido Way 11. What if Dabido was Bill Gates [must be more than 3 posts long]. DONE! 12. Dabidostein (Horror Story) 13. Superman - The handbag snatcher [a.k.a. Superman snatches Dabido's handbag] 14. Comedy post on "The World Cup According To The Mafias" or "The Italian Job - How the WC was Won" or "Ten Reasons - The Italians are always lucky in the Year of The Dog" What if Dabido was Bill Gates - Part Three Trained Soccer playing monkeys ... what more can I say. In fact, let's make them ROBOT Soccer playing monkeys, because, well, I own all the robots. In fact, let's replace most sports with robotic monkeys. Most humans would be off doing their own thing and exploring the galaxies, and having their own robotic monkey servants do allt he work. But, why stop at robotic monkeys. Let's get some other robotic animals in there too. Of course, then there is also the advanced learning techniques we will be employing in order to create super smart humans. Never again will we have to put up with idiots [and let's face it, the world is full of them]. So, we'll have a galaxy full of smarty pants! Yes, SMARTY PANTS! In fact, let's get advertising banned from almost every public place. When I walk down the road, I DON'T WANNA SEE T-Shirts with advertising, or billboards blocking my perfect view, or even those billboards in space they keep talking about. I want to see nice beaches, trees, water, rivers, streams, people enjoing themselves. NONE of these stupid "buy this now and you'll be sexy and get lots of money and people of the opposite sex"type things. After all, we'll all be filthy rich and won't need MONEY or to feel sexy (as we can have all the plastic surgury we want to LOOK darn sexy), and ... well, avertising will become obsolete anyway. Just think, advertising free TV ... wonderful! And NO SPAM!!!! What a wonderful way to start a Monday. :-)