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07 July, 2006

Dabido and the Italians

The List Continues to Grow! Hurray! 1. Harry Potter send up - Perry Pooter, currently at Part Nine. 2. Dabido Reading Poem of Socceroos Qualifying for the world Cup 3. Wuthering Heights send up 4. Dabido and the Aliens from Mars 5. Kill Pizza (The Movie) 6. Da Vampire Code 7. Dabido goes to Japan 8. Dabido and the Italians 9. Dabidi Holmes 10. Pride & Prejudice - The Dabido Way 11. What if Dabido was Bill Gates [must be more than 3 posts long]. 12. Dabidostein (Horror Story) Tonights Bed Time Story, No. 8 Dabido and the Italians. Actually, I like Italians. Grosso and Lippi may not be in my good books at the moment, but let's face it, most Italians are very nice people. They've brought us such things as, 'The Leaning Tower of Pizzas' [YUM], the 'Venice Lowered Motorway' [slightly flooded at the moment], and Machievalian politics. They gave us the Stiletto, the Mafia, the Coloseum and Mount Vesuvius. Now, some of you might think I'm being a little ... um ... hard on the satire or something, but lets take the last four.
1. Stilettoes - A nasty knife of sorts, but it gave us the Stiletto heal, without which I would be unable to make lots of jokes concerning women walking all over me with their stilettoes on.
Um ... okay, maybe those jokes are more to my own amusement.
2. The Mafia - without which such movies as 'The Godfather', 'Good Fellas' and 'My Cousin Vinnie' wouldn't have been made. Okay, I admit, I've never seen the last one ... but the first two were certainly excellent movies.
3. The Coloseum -
Without which the Oakland Raiders would not have a stadium to play in. Such movies as Gladiator, Sparticus, Quo Vadis and numerous Spaghetti Homoerotic gladiator movies wouldn't have been made.
Okay, maybe the last one is a little strange.
4. Mount Vesuvius - Which gave us Pompei, and as such brought us such things as Pink Floyd - Live at Pompei, the artifacts of a Pompei which opened the eyes to much of how the ancient Roman world used to live, and three Frankie Howard movies and a two TV series.
I also had a wonderful time when I was in Italy. Numerous times have I expressed my love of Firenze. Great coffee shops, wonderful gelati ice cream, numerous art galleries, Michael Angelo's sculptures, several of Leonardos works, birthplace of Donatello and Raphael, the other two ninja turtles. Let's face it, that place has everything. Many a night have I lay dreaming, while some nice lady in stilettoes walks up and down my back. Dreaming of visiting the Pitti Palace. I dream of being so famous they let me in for free to look upon the works of Titian, Correggio, Rubens and de Cortona. Taking a wiz off the Ponte Vechio into the Arno River and screaming 'Take that Grosso, you diver!!' Of course, I'd be assuming the submarine himself would be somewhere in the river there. I have no idea why I'd assume that. And of course, because I am famous, the Italians just smirk at me in a knowing way, because let's face it, all famous people are excentric and do that sort of thing. Some even offer to buy me ice cream, and a young nubile Italian Nymphette offer to give me a ride on her moped, only for me to later discover she is a cynical expatriot American Reporter, and she in turn discovers I am really a royal princess who has run away on a royal visit to Rome. Hmmmm, actually, that last sequence is reminescent of Fumiko and My trip to Rome ... only, Fumiko discovered I wasn't really a Royal Princess, and I in turn discovered she was neither cynical nor an American reporter! Well, you know how life is!