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06 July, 2006

Apologies again! Sorry!

I have to apologies. I recorded myself reading the Socceroos poem ... stuck a sound track in the background (as it sounded pretty noob like ... well, I just don't like the sound of my own voice ... but who does! lol) Then the stupid program did something stupid ... instead of playing back right, it just started clicking. No matter what I did, the stupid sound wouldn't work properly again! Grrrrrrr! Here is the list again. I HOPE I can have time to finish at least one of these tomorrow. 1. Harry Potter send up - Perry Pooter, currently at Part Nine. 2. Dabido Reading Poem of Socceroos Qualifying for the world Cup 3. Wuthering Heights send up 4. Dabido and the Aliens from Mars 5. Kill Pizza (The Movie) 6. Da Vampire Code Well, rather than leave you with this noobiest of updates, I'll do a quick Dabido Challenge using Wikipedia. Here is the article I received - Messier 77. Those not familiar with the Dabido Challenge (There are two or three sorts ... I've lost count), anyway, this one, you go to Wikipedia, click on the RANDOM ARTICLE button and write anything based on what you've pulled up. [Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose. essay, song ... doesn't matter ... just has to be creative!] So, here we go Messier 77: Messier77 is a galaxy that is over 60 million light years away. That means you can't get there by ferry, nor taxi. Though, if you happen to own a FTL (Faster Than Light) craft of some sort, then you can get there. Luckily, one of the buses in my neighbourhood was a FTL Greyhound and I hailed it at the local bus stop. It only comes every year or so. I was lucky to have been passing, and noticed it said "7890 - Messier77" written on the front. Most buses have something like "210 Perth" written on them or something. Having four didgets peaked my curiousity, and so I decided to ask the driver where he was going. 'Messier 77. Can't you read or something?' 'Well, of course I can read. I've just never heard of it before,' I replied. 'Of course not. It's also called NCG one zero six eight. You wanna go there? Just be sure to be back at the terminal before I leave, as we only go there once a year.' 'Sure.' So, I hopped on. 'Um, will this take long to get there?' I asked. 'Wot? You some sort of comedian. We're there already!' 'Really?' 'Yeah, took a left, a right and then ono the Albany Highway, then pressed the zoom drive thingy and we're here.' 'Oh, thanks. Before I hope off, anything I need to know about Messier seventy seven?' 'Yeah, first, it's messier than seventy six other galaxies. That's why it's messier seventy seven. Also, it's a barred spiral galaxy.' 'Really? What's it barred from?' 'Ladies toilets, most internet sites and my underpants.' 'Wow, that's a lot of barring.' 'I ain't finished. It's also barred forom anywhere that serves alcohol. You know what I mean?' 'Yeah, I guess so.' 'It's in the constelation Ceti. That's a big fat whale constelation. It's right next to the fish one.' 'The fish one? You mean pisces?' 'Yeah, da fish one.' So, there I was on Messier 77. Well, as it's a galaxy, I wasn't actually 'ON' Messier 77, I was in it. We'd stopped off on a planet in the Bedwetter system. Bedwetter 3 to be precises. I have no idea who names these planetary systems, but Bedwetter 3 had an earth like atmosphere. In it's present condition it was pristine, having no animal life. It did have a breathable atmosphere, water, plants and a MacDonalds. I stayed the night. There was a large hotel there, called the Wet Swamp. I thought it was a weird name. Anyway, it came with a water bed complete with a large plastic bedsheet on it. I wondered why it had the large plastic bedsheet, but in the morning I discovered why. Apparently, the planet has something in the atmosphere which causes peopel to wet the bed while they're sleeping. It answered the two mysteries of the large plastic bedsheet and the name of the planet. Because I'd travelled there on a whim, and didn't have a change of clothes, I had to wander around for a few hours with wet jeans on. I was fortunate to find a laundry where I washed my clothes and dried them. The laundry came equiped with large plastic baby diapers, which I was able to wear while waiting for my clothes to dry. I was pretty bored and fell asleep, so the plastic baby diapers saved me the embarrassment of needing to wash my clothes again. So, if you ever decide to go travelling to Messier 77, remember to take a change of clothes, as it's messier than you think! :-) Unfortunately, I was only able to grab one photo before I left. [The picture above]. Yeah, I forgot to pose in it. Darn it. Now I've got to wait another year before I can return to Bedwetter 3.