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03 July, 2006

Reminder to self.

First of all, I had spaghetti for tea. Yes, it's Italian food. Darn! lol Not my fault, my mother decided to cook for all of us ... and spaghetti was it. Here is the current list of things to blog on. Remind me if I've forgotten anything or give me some more things to write about if you want to add to the list.
  1. Harry Potter send up - Perry Pooter, currently at Part Nine.
  2. Poem of Socceroos Qualifying for the world Cup
  3. Wuthering Heights send up
  4. Dabido and the Aliens from Mars
  5. Kill Pizza (The Movie)
Oh, and that contract is looking good at present [had a phone call regarding it today!] w00t! I hope I get it ... three months of regular income! :-)