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08 July, 2006

What if Dabido was Bill Gates - Part One

The List 1. Harry Potter send up - Perry Pooter, currently at Part Nine. 2. Dabido Reading Poem of Socceroos Qualifying for the world Cup 3. Wuthering Heights send up 4. Dabido and the Aliens from Mars 5. Kill Pizza (The Movie) 6. Da Vampire Code 7. Dabido goes to Japan 8. Dabido and the Italians DONE! 9. Dabidi Holmes 10. Pride & Prejudice - The Dabido Way 11. What if Dabido was Bill Gates [must be more than 3 posts long]. 12. Dabidostein (Horror Story) What if Dabido was Bill Gates - Part One Actually, this will take a lot of massaging to make it go for more than two lines. If I was Bill Gates, I'd sell everything and start my own rock band. I was wrong, I can't make it go for more than one line! Now, for the fill bits. As we all know, Young Bill G is the richest man on earth. I think one of the things he's started research on is really good. He's now started Microsoft heading down the ROBOTICS path. A lot of people don't realise what Robots can do for us, because they see them as a threat. Let's face it, if we end up with R2D2 units which seem to be able to hack anything anywhere all ur money will disappear into robotic hands ... or claws ... or whatever thay're equiped with. If we get C3P0 units that walk worse than ASIMO, then they might be good for comic relief. If we end up with robots like Giagantor, then we'll probably get stepped on while his saving the earth. If we get robots like Number 5, then let's hope another robot from Hardware blows the friggin' thing away. If we end up with Terminator type things, not one of them can speak without an Austrian Accent. 'Where is Sarah Conners?' If we end up being ruled by them , such as in Buck Rogers, then some happy geek will hack the system and make themselve the new Caligula. BUT, the real reason I applaud this, is because we have a small problem in Australia. We have heaps of factory and cleaning jobs, and no one wants to do them. We're importing people from other countries to perform these things ... but, it's not really helping. Of course,a lot of people fear that we may fall into an 'Industrial Revolution' type problem, where machines replaced jobs, and people starved. I say, legislation to make it illegal to replace people with robots should come in. That way, peoples jobs are safe, and robots will only replace empty jobs. On top of that, because the productivity of robots will cause a general increase in productivity, humans will in fact get richer. The owners of these robotic plants can then pay an extra robot tax (becasue they'll be so much richer), and can also afford to pay their workers more (most of who will be Robotic Mechanics). Let's face it, as the workers get replaced, some of them can be retrained into the positions of Robot programmers, and robot maintenance workers and some can move into design positions. The robots will actually start to create work as they go, while not removing jobs (due to the legislation). It also removes the HUMAN error in the manufacturing process. Products should become better quality. ALSO, the spin off from all of this (hopefully), will mean that similar factories can be set up in other poor countries in order to help them increase their GNP. The other major return, is that the building of Spacecraft should come down in price (yes, this will take a while). The end result being that we can easily get Space Tourism, Colonies on the Moon and Colonies on Mars quite cheaply. Humans would slowly move into more creative roles, as well as becoming atheletes or even have the ability to sit around philosophising (thinking) their way throuogh human problems. More humans can move into roles which require human contact. Large police forces and Police presence will help to decrease crime (and let's face it, with the amount the GNP has increased, who needs to steal or rob or anything). More community and philanthropic roles would help to remove poverty. People will have more time to spend with their families. The exploration of the Galaxy would start as more research money could be plowed into the ultimate search for 'Life, The Universe and Everything'. The only thing we'd have to watch out for is the stupid robots blue screening on us! :-)