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04 July, 2006

Poem about Socceroo's Qualifying ;-)

I changed the tee vee station, To the beating of my heart, Because the soccer game was just about to start.

It was early in the morning, It was about half past one, To go to bed would mean I would miss the fun.

For it wasn't any game, This one was to qualify, The Socceroos playing against Uruguay.

The match was drawn at fulltime, And up went the Aussie shout, When Aloisi won the penalty shoot out.

Earlier in the season, The Aussies scored a huge fill, Thirty one to American Samoa's nil*1.

The competition was set, For the Aussies group match round, The Socceroos too good, the Japanese team found.

Then came the Brazilians, With a half time deadlock set, Till Adriano's kick put the ball in the net.

The Aussies kept on fighting, They just would not lie down dead, Till the final minute goal by substitute Fred.

Still with a last game to go, Croatia held them to a draw, Though most would say because the refereeing was poor.

Into the round of sixteen, Went the valiant Aussie men, Though a Grosso dive would rob them with bad ref-in'.

So it is the Aussies, Made their nation very proud, They proved the point we can play soccer when we're allowed.

  • *1still the world record for a World Cup Qualifier. That's a little more than a goal every three minutes!