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07 June, 2006

Psyche and Eros - Part Six


Once again, Aphrodite was furious that Psyche had performed the impossible task.

'You bitch! How dare you perform these tasks!'

'But, you told me to perform them.'

'Okay, then do this one. Go and get me some water from the cleft where the river Styx and Cocytus come from, in this amphora.'

'Hee, hee, hee, you said a naughty word!'

'Which one?'


'Huh? Oh, it does sound naughty! Hee, hee!' giggled Aphrodite. But no sooner had she giggled than her mean demeanor returned. 'Now get me that water!'

So, off Psyche went to get the water. Upon the way she came upon a great eagle.

'Hey diggity, Princess Psyche. Where ya'll off ta on this bright sunny day?'

'Oh, mister eagle, I'm off to fetch some water in this amphora from the cleft in the river Styx and Cocytus.'

'Well, diggity darn, if that ain't one of the worst tasks ever. I don't think a young belle like ya'll self should be a fetching water from such a dangerous place. For one, it's got worse critters in it than the bayou has alligators and is smellier than a muskrats armpits. I'll tell ya what young Missy. You let me fly in thar and get that water for ya'll and you can wait here a little bit.'

'Oh, thank you mister eagle.'

'It's my pleasure Miss Psyche. A gentleman would do no less for a pretty lady like yourself.'

So the eagle took the amphora and off he went. He flew down into Hades to the place where the cleft was where the river Styx and the river Cocytus originate from. Two serpents that guard the area tried to leap up to bite him.

'Hey Fritz, do ja zinks yous can bites him?' asked the first serpent.

'Nine, Wilhem. He'z just flying a littles too highz fors me.'

'I haz an ideas. I vill lift youz up on my backs and you tryz to bite hims.'

'Ziz isn't one of your homo tricks iz it?'

'Nine, nine! Never will I playz ze tricks on youz agains, Fritz.'

'Itz just lasts times mine wifez was present and she gaves uz such a looking ats.'

'Oh, soz, youz don'ts haz ze problem with me trying to mounts you? Its waz just ze wifes putz you off?'

'Nine, nine. I'm not likes zat. I keep telling you, I'm a straight serpent.'

'I never heardz such a zing in mine life. Serpents are znot straight, we wiggles alls over ze places.'

'Zat's just to move arounds. It doesn't mean we needs to takes on ze alternate life stylez.'

'What are yous talkings about? Everyonez gay I tells you.'

'Nine, not at alls. I'm straight I tells you!'

While they were arguing the Eagle flew under the cleft and filled it with water. As the amphora filled he corrected a little to take on the ballast, and off he flew again.

He delivered the amphora back to Psyche.

'Oh, thank you mister Eagle, how can I ever repay you.'

'No need to ma'm. Ya'll just take good care of yourself and hopefully we'll be able to see each other in the near future.'

So, off Psyche went with the amphora of water.