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06 June, 2006

Psyche and Eros - Part Four

Six Minutes into the Sixth day of the Sixth Month of the year ending with a Six this decade. Don't you wish I had of waited till the sixth hour and sixth second as well? Well, I'm gonna be asleep then ... so read this in the meantime! :-) PART SIX FOUR Psyche returned to her fathers house and told him and her sisters what had happened. When the sisters realised that Psyche had been married to Eros, they decided that maybe they could ditch their own King husbands and get into bed with him. So they took off back to his palace. 'Hey, Hippofacia, where do you think he might be?' asked Hypercondria. 'I've no idea, but I bet his friend Zephyr knows where he is. Let's just jump off this cliff again and when he catches us, we'll force him to take us to Eros.' 'Fantastic idea, sis.' So, both the sisters leapt off the cliff, not realising that Zephyr was at a Red hot Chilli Peppers concert. As such, they both fell to their deaths on the rocks below. Hippofacia hit first, and the King made a fortune on a bet he'd made off the Internet on the whole thing. Hypercondria only paid a small dividend due to coming in second place. Psyche went off in search of Eros in order to get him back. She was in a bit of a bad mood, as she'd placed a bet on Hypercondria coming in first. Upon her way, she ran into Pan, the half man half goat dude who liked to hang out with nymphs and play the pan pipes. 'Hey, little girl. What yo lost sister?' asked Pan. 'I'm looking for my husband Eros. I split oil on him and he's run away from me,' replied Psyche. 'Oh, that was you? Well sister, I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do for yo. I heard that the old psycho beauty herself Aphro D to the T Dite is chasing yo ass trying to ice ya face cause ya put the hit on her first born. So, you gotta get in first, or I ain't the gangstar rapper himself, yo dig what I'm saying. Yo gotta hit the bitch in her own home in a language she can understand. Find her ass and when yo do, yo tell her yo ain't afraid to be her bitch for a while through delivering some services. Ya dig wot I'm saying here?' 'Um, I ask her to let me pay off my debt to her by doing stuff?' 'Yeah, that's the spirit sister. Yo make me one hip happy rapper when I hear yo hearing me. Now, you go find that mother before she toasts your ass with one of her ass roastin' boastin' toastin' machines!' 'Ah, thanks ... I think.' With that, Psyche changed from looking for Eros to looking for Aphrodite. Aphrodite had decided to teach Psyche a lesson once and for all, so she also went in search of her. When she found Psyche, she discovered that Psyche was in fact looking for her. Psyche beseeched her in the name of love to bring her husband back to her, and in return, she'd be Aphrodite's main bitch. 'Listen bitch,' said Aphrodite. 'You set my son on fire. No matter how much you love him, I don't want him suffering any more spousal abuse. I'm like talking lawyers and getting the police involved next time!' 'I promise to get rid of all the oil lamps and replace them with flouros.' 'But you don't have any electricity.' 'It'll be dark, but at least it'd be a modern palace!' 'Look, I've taken pity on you, so this is what I'll do. I'll set for you some impossible tasks and if you can perform them, then maybe, just maybe I'll let you see Eros when he's better. Here is your first task. I will leave you with this bag of a million mixed seeds, and when I return in the morning I want them all sorted.' Psyche took the seeds back to the palace and tipped it on the floor. She started to sort them, when she noticed a large number of ants took pity on her and came and started to sort them for her. The next morning, all the seeds were sorted. Aphrodite was furious.