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12 May, 2006

Dead Celebrity Soulmate Game

I just did a Dead Celebrity Soulmate Game, just to see who was supposed to be my ideal Soul Mate from dead celebrities. [Wonder how I'd do for live ones!] :-) Anyway, the dead celebrities I got matched up with were: Grace Kelly Mata Hari and Frida Kahlo Obviously Grace Kelly has charm, good looks and was a talented actress in her day. She has a lot going for her ... but I doubt that it would be an ideal match. Though I am not a slob, I am neither that sophisicated to attract the charms of a Princess. Mata Hari, not sure how I got lumbered with her. I'm not really into the spy thing, sure, she was some sort of exotic dancer, but she really doesn't seem my sort. Frida Kahlo, probably the best choice out of all three, as she's obviously artistic and everything. Funny thing is, that one might have worked ... and I would have been more loyal to her than her hubby Diego ... only, could I have handled her reported firey tempement? Probably not. Another one doomed for failure.
I recently sent out a quick e-mail to three bloggers I hope will respond. Basically, I sent them 15 questions each as a sort of interview. Afterwards I thought, maybe I should have done it via some sort of Instant Messaging thing, but other then Skype, I don't actually have any IM sofware working off my computer. If the first three interviews prove successful, then I plan to do some more interviewing of other bloggers in the near future. [Yes, I might even interview you, and you, and even you ...] :-) So, possibly something exciting to look forward to. :-)