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24 March, 2006

Think Backwards - sdrawkcaB knihT

Today I resolved the Internet Connection Sharing problem I had with the Microsoft Server 2003 I set up for the local PCYC. It was resolved by thinking backwards ... or upside down ... or stupidly. You see, I STUPIDLY ticked the box which said, 'Internet Connection Sharing' in order to share the internet connection with the rest of the network. How dumb am I ...on a Microsoft Server 2003, you have to UNTICK the BOX if you want to share the internet connection! [And untick it if you DON'T want to share the internet connection!] So YEAH, am I stupid or what!!! As soon as I did that, 'HEY PRESTO' the internet connection worked for all the PC's! MAGIC! I only discovered it as I bought the MS Server 2003 books from Microsoft press. (AUD $350) ... so now, seems as they constitute 4 out of seven of the MCSE exams, I'm going to buy the other three books and sit the seven exams for the MCSE. Otherwise I've sort of wasted $350!!!
On another note, my mother REALLY P*SSED me off last night. Since 1999 (or somewhere near then), I've had a growth on my aorta. Admittedly it's benign (aka won't kill me). My mother was talking about the family friend who's funeral she is at today. Apparently, he died because he got cancer on his Aorta, and my mother started raving on about how it's really unusual and she'd never met anyone who had ever contracted cancer on their aorta! Now, if you remember a few weeks ago, I wrote about my brother Jeff asking me about mine, and my mother insisting we change the subject ... so she's totally infuriated me regarding mine in the past, as she has just totally refused to let anyone talk about it, or even acknowledge it. In fact, in the past she's talked about how no one on her side of the family has had cancer, and I've reminded her of mine ... and she's acknowledged it then. So, since about 1999 my mother has KNOWN about my aorta growth and everything ... yet last night when she was talkin about the family friend who died from his, I pointed out that mine wa sin the same place! She pretended she'd never ever heard about it in her life ... she pretended it was something new I was telling her. I got so upset inside (I didn't act hostile towards her), so I reminded her of all the facts ... and now, she's completely forgotten about it again! I have always hated the fact that my family refuses to acknowledge ANY sickness or injury that befalls me. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHH!!!!! My mother's usual excuse is her parents were like that with her ... that's a friggin' lame excuse! [Yeah, I know, you've heard this all before ... I'm like a broken record ... but, I guess I have to rant about it, as I have to live with the broken record all the time - it's like my life is on constant repeat ... constant repeat ... constant repeat ...] The problem I have, is I keep going over the same thing, correcting my family, only to have them immediately act as though I've told thme nothing ... so the same thing reoccurrs again! ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGHHH! Anyway, I guess I am pretty gratful that mine hasn't killed me yet ... though I should have it checked out one day, as I'd hate to find out my Doctors were wrong, and they haven't checked it since about 2002 or something.
Jeff's Burpday last night was pretty good. As I said,we had Chocolate Mud cake! YUMMMMM! I had also purchased a card game called Billionaire, which we played. Jeff started winning early on, and was up to half a billion, while I was slowly tailing him. At about half a billion, Jeff halted, and I just zoomed on to win. The game reminded us all of the trade sequence in Civilization (the Avalon Hill Board Game). I'm looking forward to this Saturday, as my mother has decided (so no one else is going to get a say), that the whole family are going to play it on Saturday. [Kewl, three more people for me to beat!] ;-) Did I have that as a pre-requisite for a GF, that they like playing board/computer games??? Well, it sort of is. ;-) Warcraft me BABIES!!!! :-)