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22 March, 2006

Avoided the Meme - Did the Majoring thing!

KY and Kim did a toilet meme, but I decided not to as it was just full of s***. [Yes, that's a joke based on ... oh forget it]. Actually, I was eating lunch when I read both of theirs ... not good. When I got to Paul's site, I decided I'd do the 'What Should You Major In?' test instead ... I'm a bit worried about majoring in any of those things ... especialyl the desgin ... do they mean design, or am I supposed to be drinking Gin instead of scotch ... not that I drink very often!
Your Scholastic Strength Is Innovating
You are the master of new ideas, techniques, and ways of looking at things. You are talented at structuring thoughts, decision making, clarifying, and making deadlines. You should major in: Marketing Psychology Desgin Cognitive Science Economics Photography
Hmmm ... Marketing, already have Certification in that. Psychology, studied that at University level. Design, was a Graphic Designer at one stage. Cognitive Science, already read an awful lot on the brain ... remember my Neuro-Surgeon story? Economics I studied ... and I enjoy playing the stock market ... don't like economics that much though. Photography, I got an 'A' in at school. BUT, I also enjoy a lot of other things. Last test I did similar to this said writing was what I should do. I changed one of the answers and got the "deep thinking" answer that Paul had. Philosophy Music Theology Art History Foreign language Philosophy ... studied it, have heaps of books on it. Music - how many instruments can't I play? Theology - two Theology Certificates done, passed, already have them. [Qualified to be a Pastor if someone really needs to ordain me!] Art - love my art (which brings us to todays drawing - see below) History - Love my history. Foreign Languages - have tried so long and so hard to learn French, Italian, Japanese (my best three languages), as well as lots of snippets of other languages. Apa Kabah? Baik baik! Xie Xie! Et Hoc Genus Omne! I think maybe I am torn between the two results ... or maybe not torn, maybe I am just both of them. Anyway, I couldn't see any other answers I'd change, so I guess I'm not any of the other types that may be a result from the test. As I said, getting to todays subject & drawing - Art: This is my Internet Daughter Mel [that is, I've adopted her as a daughter off the internet ... just like I did with lots of other young girls ... ] ;-) Mel, I hope you like the drawing. Sorry it took so long to do!