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21 March, 2006

More than One David Stevenson in the World.

I just finished watching 'Bend it like Beckham' ... cried all the way through, which was a pity, as it was a comedy ... wasn't it? :-) I was actually watching it while I was doing my one hour walk (or in this case, one and a half hours, as that's how long the movie goes for). My knee is really playing up now though. Darn! It was funny, as I was walking, and when the coach in the movie ran up to fix Jessies foot (when she was doing the 5 laps), and he yelled, 'Stop! You've done yourself an injury', I actually stopped ... D'oh! I was reading last night on Slashdot how potential employers are googling people's names to see if they can find out about them on-line. I've often done a google here and there for my name. Years ago, I found a David Stevenson with the nickname BEAR, just like me. He was working in England as a Computer Programmer (which was what I was doing at the time), so I was pretty amazed by the similarity in name, nickname and job. Last night I did a similar google. I came across a David Stevenson on MySpace (who wasn't me ... as I'm on MySpace as well). Anyway, he happens to be a Musician (like I used to be), and I noticed one of his songs was called 'Beautiful'. I thought, that's prety weird, as I also have a song by that name. Anyway, I listened to his song (just to make sure it was different .. and it was). I just wanted to make sure it wasn't someone who had dug up one of my old recordings and wasn't passing themselves off on me. He wasn't, he's a genuine David Stevenson. So I was really happy, and sent him a message via MySpace. [Check him out, he has about four songs on his MySpace site]. He wrote back, and his sense of humour is pretty kewl. I've now added him as a MySpace Friend. :-) The other thing I discovered, was a Court case with my name attached. According to Wikipedia, the case is THE MOST FAMOUS in history. (Why hadn't I heard of it before). Anyway, the jist of the court case was a David Stevenson had made some ginger beer, and had served it to a girl in his establishment. Apparently, their was a snail in it. The girl got sick. So, she sued him. At that point in history, people didn't have to take due care when making product. So, this case was were it all changed, and David Stevenson lost the case as he should have been more careful when making Ginger Beer, so that he didn't harm his customers. [So, thanks to a neglectful David Stevenson, we now all have peace of mind that when we buy something it comes with a tacit agreement that it won't harm the user if used correctly ... especially Ginger Beer]. How many people out there have googled their name and found some interesting people, facts or things associated with their names?