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21 March, 2006

Drama Queens

My family breeds Drama Queens. I've been guilty of acting like it myself. We had a death of a close friend to the family the other day. There has been a few people doing the Drama Queen thing. I think it's funny, that someone dies, and there funeral has brought out the 'look at me! Look at me!' qualities in people. My Aunt has apparently been doing the phone around trying to garner sympathy from people ... though, as a few have mentioned, she isn't devestated at all, she's after attention. Somehow, she turns the conversation to be all about her. My mtoher doesn't want my sister to go to the funeral, as my sister is doing the, 'look at me look at me, I am so devestated' type thing, though she hardly knew the guy. My mother was upset (I can tell), but she's been doing drama Queen things since finding out ... and I'm not sure whether it is her usual drama queen act, or has to do with the funeral. It might be because I told her I was still thinking of going back to Sydney. Guess what her reaction was. 'David, are you gay? Is that why you want to return to Sydney all the time?' I couldn't beleive the question. The thing I hate about that question, is my family (starting with my father), have constantly been trying to convince me I am gay all my life. They used to tell other people ... when I first came here form Sydney my mother told me all the places where the gays hang out ... as if I needed to know! I have nothing against gay people, but I am FRIGGIN' straight ... and the only people who don't want to believe it are my family, and when I was younger, they always used it for the Drama Queen factor. My father would get drunk at Picnics and go, 'Oh, you ahve to feel sorry for me, I have a gay son!' At first I was a bit confused as to who his gay son was ... until it was pointed out to me, that he was talking about ME!!!! Waaaah! Anyway, my mother went through a thing yesterday morning, where she pulled EVERYTHING out of the cupboards and kept yelling and screaming and complaining about the mice (which we suspect are all dead), and my brother Jeff for not putting things back in the cupbaord in the right place ... BANG! 'Bloody HELL!!!!! !@*!*&!&*!!!!!' BANG! 'Bloody Jeff! Bloody Mouse!' BANG BANG! Was it all just to try to impress me somehow? I was so glad when I got to go to work ... Then, this evening, she kept dropping everything out of the cupboard over and over again! 'Why doesn't anything stay in the cupboard when I put it in there?' BANG! 'Bloody, who stacked this up?' BANG! Only problem is, she did it all herself. Jeff has gone on holiday somewhere, and I don't use their cupboard ... so, the culprit is herself. BANG! 'Bloody HELL!!!' Yeah mum, your so weak and feable and can't look after yourself, so I have to stay in Perth!!!! Not that I feel very welcome. I still get the coldness from the rest of the family. Basically a 'F*** OFF BACK TO SYDNEY ALREADY!' type attitude. I'm not even sure they realise they're doing it. Anyway, my brother Jeff when he wants turns into a drama queen. If he knows someone is watching, he turns all agro and attacks people and yells in order to make some sort of impression on whoever else is around ... which is 100% like my father. My elder brother grew up as the class clown ... he was always seeking attention, and he also has the drama queen factor. Like I said, I've been guilty of it myself at different times in life. I've tried to kill it off in myself ... yet the rest of the family seem to want to cultivate it ... and it seems they want to do so, as it annoys the crap out of others in my family. I won't go into other members of the family, but my immediate family often complain about the rest of the drama queens we have. Too many to mention. Maybe it's an hereditary thing ... if it is, then it's on BOTH sides of the family. BUT, at the end of the day, I hope the family friend gets his funeral, and isn't too upstaged by our family, and I hoep my family will STOP BEING FRIGGIN' DRAMA QUEENS! [Including me, though I suspect I am the least dramatic!] :-)