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05 March, 2006


Argh! I typed this in, and the stupid Firefox browser had an error and died! Let's try again: I remember reading a while ago about a guy who had a list of one hundred things to do before he died. He got through ninety seven of them. It was an impressive list to, not a normal run of the mill list like, 'go to shops', 'buy some milk'. No this list included such things as:
  • Climb Everest (He didn't get to do that one)
  • Visit Antarctica
  • Raft the Colarado river
  • Sky Dive
  • Mud wrestle three kawaii Japanese girls (oh wait, that's off my list!) :-)
The question I ask, is what sorts of lists do you all have? [That you are willing to share]. I have a number of lists. First there is the broad list of three things I want to do:
  1. Become a millionaire
  2. Marry a Japanese girl*
  3. Save the world
*Caveat: If I find a girl I like enough, I am willin gto marry here if she signs a piece of paper saying she is Japanese. I am very gulliable, and am willing to believe anything I read ... even I she is blond, with blue eyes and six foot four. :-) The millionaire bit is about ... $989,000 off. So I am a little bit of the way there (actually, if I include my super, then I am only about $929,000 off). The saving the world bit is a little elusive, as I am still unsure where to start ... and if I do have good ideas, I never know where to send them Arrgh! I'm pretty useless like that. Anyway, other lists include:
  • White water rafting a long list of rivers I have (I guess that includes about seven of my one hundred to do list).
  • Learning several languages are also on the list (these include the ever elusive Japanese, French and Italian that I keep starting, and then promptly forgetting, along with German, Chinese, Spanish, Malay and Indonesian and others I've started, but never seem to get deeply into.)*
  • Learn to play Flute (I own one ... just haven't learnt it).
  • Get my novel published (if I ever finish writing any of them ... or getting through second and third drafts)
  • Release a music album
* Explains why I often know a lot of things from other languages and linguistics but can never throw two sentences together. ;-) The list does change sometimes, as I discover new horizons and new places to visit, or new things to do. Seldom does anything get removed from the list. Anyway, what are your top five things you'd like to achieve in life? Do you think you'll eventually accomplish them (provided you aren't hit by a falling bus or something).
On another note, my nephews Adams B'Day today. Went to my brother Paul's and had a swim and stuff. Nothing spectacular happened. We bought Adam Zoo Tycoon with the Dinosaur park and Marine park included. He also got a three wheeled trike thing with the big whel at the front and the small wheels at the back designed fro doing spin outs with. [One brand is called 'The Green Machine'] He had a lot of fun spinning out on it. Was having a lot of trouble with todays difficult Sudoku from the paper (easy one was easy ... but the hard one has proven hard). Will try to finish it soon. Not much else happening. Except my PC Magazine didn't arrive this month, and I'll have to phone tomorrow in order to get them to send a replacement!