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04 March, 2006

Do I look like PC Support?

Yesterday, went and did some work and stuff. People just don't realise that I am NOT PC Support, but I'm always willing to give it a go. Printer wasn't working in the office, so I rebooted the machine that all the printing goes through - result, printing works again (how hard was that?). When they were printing, it kept trying to print Letterhead instead of A4 ... checked in the print set-up, changed from letterhead to A4 ... printing works for A4 ... how hard was that. I also fixed a few other simple problems ... one of the ladies said she could kiss me. [Scared me a little, as we've only just met. As opposed to another lady there who greeted me with a hug - she did actually try to kiss me on the cheek! Not sure if I've just become hot in my old age, or if they are just really friendly people]. Today, my brother came to me with his laptop to see if I could fix it again ... I've made a few attempts at it. His internal DVD/CD player won't work ... still won't. I got his external one to play Audio CD's and DVD's ... but for the life of it, it will not play Data CD's. I went through half a dozen registry programs etc to try to get one or both of these drives to work ... they still malfunctions. Anyway, I've lent my own external DVD/CD drive to my brother so he can continue to play Sims. When will people realise that Network Engineering IS NOT PC support. It's like assuming flying a plane is the same as racing a Formula 1 racing car. It's dangerous to get the wrong person doing either. Anyway, spent the rest of the day setting up a server for them, as they're getting Internet access real soon. In fact, they were supposed to have it a month or so ago, but Telstra NEVER EVER delivers their router etc. Always with excuses. So, I am supposed to go in and set it up on Tuesday. I have to be there Tuesday anyway, as I'm observing the running of one of the classes. I've reduced my fee for running classes down to $25, but only for the Gosnells PCYC. Also, been asked to play some classical guitar at a formal dance function. May take up the offer, but I am sorely out of practice. There was a guy setting up the phone line for the Internet there, so I spoke to him a little, and realised what needed to be done to move my Internet connection back into my office and out of the lounge room. So I did it. Ever since then, my mother and brother keep coming in here to bother me. It's funny, as my mother complained for AGES that she wanted me out of the lounge ... now, she won't leave me alone in my office! Grrrrrr! She even made a joke about it. At least I've got my brother playing Sims now ... so he'll leave me alone for a while. ;-)


We have a fancy dress wedding coming up (where we have to dress either Fantasy or Medieval). My mother has been stressing over it all, she was supposed to go with my sister and sister in-law to get costumes. My brother phoned today to say that he, my sister in-law etc have now got their costumes. It's a long story, but my mother feels like she's being deliberately left out of a lot of loops in order for everyone to distance themselves from her. So much stress over this wedding so far. Which reminds me, I have to start on my custom.


I actually had a lot more to blog about ... but my brains gone a little blank. I think I need to play some computer games ... which reminds me, I've played with my computer, which was having major problems playing some games, as the screen was going all weird, and I've sorted it out for 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' and 'Invasion Normandy' ... I still can't get 'Medieval Total War' to work though. I'm a bit peeved by that one, as the games support won't help me, Sony never replied, and I have the latest drivers for my graphics card. I am peeved beyond belief at that. I'd love to play the game ... One thing games consoles have over PC's is the games will work for the console. On the PC its such a problem if you have the wrong make of Graphics Card or the wrong sound card ... it's annoying beyond belief.