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27 February, 2006

Hedon Pimps Dabido! w00t!!!

Hedonistics Anonymous asked to pimp me a week or so ago, and I was quite flattered by the offer. Let's face it, I need a little pimping. So I agreed. Here is the link to the pimping. [Made as large as possible so that it is difficult to miss]. I'll just write a little bit about what Hedon has said in the pimping, in order to clear or create more confusion. :-) 'On first glance, I think his name is David,' David-Lee is also another first name I use. Never Dave (and I often correct my mother and others who use it.). David does fine by me. :-) The David-Lee moniker has slowly been slipping from use, and my Drivers License and Passport now sport the David as a sole first name, as it was too confusing for people who thought double barrelled first names were for the rich and/or mastibators. (The funny thing being that my Ex Wife's best friend was Cindy-Lee ... how friggin' weird is THAT!) 'Why not Diablo? I think it's literally wickeder!' Diablo is another one of my nicknames. (My friend Rizaldy in Sydney uses that one all the time) Along with Devil Doll, Bear, Little Bear, Mr Hair Bear Bunch, Dog, Mouse, Legend, Libido and several others I've probably forgotten. 'Probably goes to show that Dabido is commitment-phobic and doesn't like clingy girls. So if any of you interested chicks have a tendency to cling like a duct tape or superglue to your man, then scram. Get out of here. Dabido doesn't want you.' I'm not commitment phobic (though a lot of people come to that conclusion, hee hee). I would call it more PICKY. Possibly overly so, but not due to a fear of committment, as once I commit to some one it's normally a 100% commitment. It is true I don't like clingy girls either. :-) 'So now we're left with aloof, independent chicks.' I'm not sure about Aloof ... but independent is KEWL! I like girls who aren't subservient robots. God didn't put you on this earth to serve a man. If God wanted that, he would have made a robot from Adam's spare rib. 'Anyway, Dabido is a real pussycat when it comes to animals.' That is 100% true. 'aspiring Dabdido-lovers MUST NOT have rodent-phobia' That's right, I need a girl to protect me from evil mice. :-) Also, if they can protect me from spiders, snakes and other wild life. Rodent problem is most likely cleaned up at present. [Thanks to my mother laying rat poison everywhere]. ' I put Dabido's age to be between 35 and 45 years old.' Forty. [40] hee hee! 'He's very witty...' Terima Kasih. *BLUSHES* 'All interested sheilas, matildas, chicks, hoes and whatever you call your female species in your part of the world, don't hesitate to hop over on your kangaroos to Dabido's blog and tell him your secret bedroom desires.' Yes, please tell me about your secret desires girls ... If you are chosen as a Dabidette, I will try to fullfill them one day! :-) [Must look up Brad Pitts phone number for them.] :-) Hedon, once again, thanks very much for Pimping me. I am very flattered and I think you did a smashing job. ***BUG HUGS!*** :-)