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01 March, 2006

Another Meme sort of thing. 44 Questions.

Have no idea what this is about, but here are 44 Questions (I won't say whom I got them from). I won't pass it on to anyone, and you can grab it if you want it. [Yeah, another way to find out more about Dabido]. 44 Questions: 1.Do you have an alias/a.k.a? Yes ... {what a silly question} :-) 2. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Mint Choc Chip. 3. What movie/s are you waiting for Any that I've written myself. (Maybe Pirates of the Caribean II & III ... ) 4. If you wanted to be in a band, what genre? - Hard Rock or Progressive Rock 5. What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Poison (not that I wanted to, just someone stuck it in my food for me! B@ST@RD!) 6. Do you want to live with your parents forever? No! 7. Where is the place you want to be right now? Sydney, Rome, Tokyo, Florence, Venice, some place I haven't been before, white water rafting somewhere. Not in Perth. 8. What song do you listen to feel happy? [Bad English! Add a comma and another 'to'] Um ... Killing Floor, or In from the Storm by Jimi Hendrix, anything by Nirvana, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd ... lots ... too many to mention, but 'Everyone's a Winner' by Hot Chocolate is a good one too. 9. In The Lord of the Rings, who are you? Dabido, the elf who ran away from middle earth to avoid conscription. :-) Else, maybe Frodo, I always seem to be carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. 10. In Star wars, who is your favorite character? The original Yoda (not the one from 1-3, but the one from the Empire Strikes back) Otherwise, Han Solo. 11.Movies that made you cry? That Amy Tan thing with the feather and the four mothers and daughters ... Joy Luck Club (I knew I'd remember it). 12.Name famous people that you have a crush on: Vicky Zhao Wei 13.What is your favorite drink? Alcoholic: Scotch and Coke Non-Alcoholic: Milk shakes 14. Which cartoon character is your favorite? Maybe Bender, or Homer Simpson 15. Paper or Plastic? Depends on what it's for. A paper computer just hasn't got the memory. 16.If you could freely kill just one celebrity.. That's naughty and I'd just have them kidnap the annoying ones and send them to another earth like planet. 17.Coke or Pepsi? Coke (no contest) 18.In a week, how many times do you go online? Every day. I live there. 19.If you could be someone else for a whole day. That's not a question, it's a Sentence fragment ... what's the rest of the sentence? Hmm, let's try some sentence endings: ... who would it be? ... who would you marry? ... what would you have for dinner? ... would you watch Alf? I'll answer the first one though (cause I think that's what they were getting at). Richard Branson ... have no idea why! :-) 20. Single or married These sentence fragments are annoying. I am SINGLE at present. I would prefer to be married to someone nice. 21. Describe yourself in one word. Me. 22.What are the first things you do when you wake up? Go and pee. [In the toilet I might add]. 23. What's the last thing you do before you go to bed? Turn on my CPAP machine so I don't die during the night. 24. Something about you that you're proud of: I've finally stopped wetting the bed ... just kidding ... I got to pat a LIVE TIGER. :-) Also been sky diving and other scarey stuff. 25. Are you in-love? No. 26. What's your mobile number? mind if i ask you? I'm not telling, and Yes I mind being asked. 27. Are you happy? Not in particular. 28. Why? Because I'm not happy ... if I knew why, I'd fix it! 29. What is the most important material object A very broad question, what's it mean exactly? I'll interpret it as 'What's my favourite material object?' My GUITAR. Or Computer ... maybe. If we take it broadly though, it's the earth ... it stops us floating into the sun. 30. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW The news and my mother complaining. 31.COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE: THE WORLD NEEDS ... ...less sentence fragments. 32. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? Dried apricots and twisties. 33.IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? Sounds racist ... I'd go for BLACK, as it goes with anything. :-) Else Blue (cause I like blue) 34.WHAT DO YOU DO DURING YOUR BREAKFAST TIME? Eat .. d'uh! 35.LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? My business mentor, John. 36.LAST PERSON WHO SENT YOU AN SMS? My friend Corey in Sydney. 37.LAST PERSON YOU SENT SMS? Probably Corey. 38.AUTO OR MANUAL CAR? Auto 39.FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK? Monday (just kidding). Tuesday, cause new Simpsons and Futurama are on that night. 40.FAVORITE PLACE Florence 41.SIBLINGS? No thanks, I already have some. [3 brothers and a sister]. 42..THE BEST WAY/S I HAVE DONE TO RELEASE ANGER? When I was 15, in a fight I knocked my elder brother out. At the time it upset me and I cried, but now it's a great memory. Wish I could do it again! :-) Breathing exercises also help. 43.WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING HUMAN? Not getting sent to an abbatoir to be eaten. 44.THE LAST THING YOU BOUGHT? Return to Castle Wolfenstein (bought it Monday)