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03 March, 2006

Let's Get on the Band Wagon.

I originally saw this about a two weeks or so ago over at Kitten's (Cheneille's) site. In fact, here is her post. Seems everyone is jumping on the band wagon ... so, due entirely to peer group pressure, so am I ... actually, I clicked on the things which I thought were obvious form my On-Line persona. There are some things which are not entirely obvious about me which I didn't chose as I doubt anyone could pick them up on-line. Here is the good one. Felt like a bit of a W@nk chosing nice things to say about myself. http://kevan.org/johari?name=Dabido Here is the BAD one. Felt stupid chosing these two ... though one or two of the selections I didn't chose could also fit for me. Maybe everyone here will select them instead. lol http://kevan.org/nohari?name=Dabido Anyway, have fun selecting descriptions for me. I found it hard to select the 'bad ones' for people, as sometimes nothin fits, and I had to stop and go ... well, there was this one time ... and then pressed something. :-)