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01 March, 2006

What's Dabido up to today?

Well, other than watching the stock market slump, I've been putting together an Intro to Networking Training package for my company to use. I'm researching the costs other companies are offering the same thing for, and I'm going to try to market mine for less. I've been doing the sums, and looks like it'll bring in enough to keep me fed for the year.
My mother has been on the warpath today. Well, basically a very bad mood due to the rest of my family. Unfortunately, none of them are here to see it and hear her greivences. So, I am copping the anger, the loud noises ... etc. She's basically feeling forgotten, used, abused etc. The dogs keep hiding behind me for protection. Then she tells me off for scanning things ... for some stupid reason she thought I was photocopying them ... d'uh! Anyway, she's making plans for me to drive her places and do things ... as per usual ... so my study and business has to suffer because she won't talk to the rest of my family over what's agrivating her, and she doesn't give a FRIG about my business or career ... typical. Anywat, I have plenty of stuff I have to keep doing in the hope of putting myself in a place where I can leave if I have to or need to.
I'm getting some major chest pains in my left lung ... back to the days of having an infection in it for a couple of years ... OUCH! Must talk to my Doctor about it again. I just hope it isn't the 'benign cancer' deciding it isn't benign and moving into my lungs! That would pee me off right royally!
Only other thing I am doing is studying ... I must be pretty boring today! lol