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03 March, 2006

Four Questions

Sarah's Question: who put the poison into your food?! (re last post) Actually, once was at a church breakfast. They fed me wheeties that were years past their use-by date and had been left out and had rat poison and cockroach bits in it ... you can tell they loved me. Anyway, that was my first "evil church" that I was attending ... they said it was an accident. Another time was from a flatmate of mine, who refused to believe I was allergic to seafood, so he cooked a heap of vegetables up in butter, and for an experiement he stuck some fish in it. I was pretty violently ill, and avoided him for a number of days to keep myself from doing something I might regret. Anyway, it was the last straw with that guy, and I moved out a month later. He was also from my first 'Evil' church. Notice a pattern? lol
Mami-chan's quesiton: anata no chinpoko ha watashi no yori chiisai desu ka? I will answer in three ways, first in a silly way: No, my igloo is not on fire ... that was the question? Then in Japanese: Watashi no chinpoko wa anata no yori kyodai desu. Then in English: [I hope I got this correct] My p*n*s is bigger than yours. [If I didn't, then I've told Mami chan that hers is bigger than mine ... probably not a good thing to say to a girl.] :-)
Suanie's Question: why mushrooms? More sentence fragments for questions ... *sigh* Because they are fun guys (fungi's) :D Or, in another way, because even though they are grown in manure and everything, they are full of vitamin B and other nutrients. Unless you mean the magic sort ... I've never eaten them.
Hedonistics Anonymous Question: i can't speak jap at all. can u? Sort of ... not fluently, but enough to get me into trouble, not enough to get me out. :D Or, to asnwer in Japanese: Sukoshi, sukoshi! [Sukoshi = a small amount]