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26 February, 2006

Vienna - Dec. 5th 1791 Real Reason for Mozarts Death.

Meanwhile, Mozart walks into his apartment in Vienna. Constanze is sitting in the middle of the room waiting for him. 'Constanze, what are all these arpeggios doing all over the house?' 'Listen here Music boy, you've been lying about the house for ages, and now you've been out partying again! Do you know what time it is? It's almost one in the morning!' 'Hey, the Opera had an after party. I had to attend because I'm the composer.' 'Well, get in the bedroom!' Mozart enters the bedroom. 'SURPRISE!!!!!' One hundred of his closest friends leap out at him. 'My heart! My Heart', exclaimed Mozart falling to the ground clutching his chest. 'Um, I think he's dead', said Doctor Zauberflote examining Mozart. 'Ah, what should we say if any one asks?' asked Constanze. 'We'll just say he died of fever!' 'Cake everyone?' 'Yeah, why not!' And thus explains the real mysterious death of Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart.