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26 February, 2006

Mice Plague - Brother In-Law B'Day

We woke up this morning to find mouse poo all over the place. I mean LOTS. A heap near my desk, on my desk, IN MY PRINTER (the mouse had pooed, wee'd and left half eaten insect bits), more were on the kitchen surface, near the washing up (causing my mother to wash everything up again), in the pantry, on my mother's desk ... heaps and heaps of mouse poo. We obvious have a plague on our house! *shakes fist at mice* Grrrrr! My mother apologised to me and told me she was going to have to kill them. Obviously releasing the ones I caught has not been helpful. Either the things have returned with friends, or they multiplied when they were here, and this is their children, cousins, and other distant relatives! They had even eaten through a hole we'd plugged up near my desk, which they'd eaten through (which explains the huge amount of mouse poo there. Either that or they are highly critical of my writing!) Grrrrr! *shakes fist at mice who are also writing critics!* My mother has recently considered buying a cat, but they announced that the bird flu has crossed over to cats! Grrrrr! *shakes fist at bird flu* My mother has placed a lot of ratsack down for the mice. In fact, some of the ratsack was eaten last night when the mice were out playing. Grrrr! *shakes fist at mice who own playstation2's*
Was my brother-in-laws birthday today. Got to spend time with the family. Was being attack by my nephews ... one wants 'Zoo Tycoon' for his birthday in a week. [March is a nasty time for Birthdays in my family. Who doesn't ahve a Birthday inmy family then ... oh that's right ... me! lol] Cake tasted like the frosting was made from margarine, with a hint of sugar. Ewwwww~! Apparently, that's how my brother-in-law likes it ... his B'day, so I guess that's Okay. There was a lot of stand-offishness that I noticed. There were moments I thought we could freezed the air.
A little concerning my father trying to get the house off my mother (or leave her destitute or whatever he is trying to do) came up the other day too. Apparently my sister also suggested that my brother Paul get her [my mother's] solicitor. I find this rather funny that my father, my brother Paul and now my sister Angella have all suggested Paul get the solicitor, when my mother wants to get her own. Still, my mother is in no hurry to get things rolling. Legal things go slowly normally, but my mother is making them go even slower by not doing anything. She certainly isn't going to sign the legal documents she's been given, as they are totally inaccurate and would leave her destitute. So WHY are my brother and sister so eager to get them signed by my mother? Simple answer, they're trying to have her lose the house, and as such my brother Jeffrey 9who stands to inherit it) won't get it. My mother still thinks they are unwitting pawns that my father is using - but my sister refuses to speak to my father, so why is it she is also suggesting to my mother NOT to let me go with her to the solicitor of her choice, while insisting she goes to the one Paul wants to get for her. It is ALL very suspiscious!!!! Anyway, my plans to leave will once again get postponed if this isn't sorted out BEFORE I want to leave! It's bad enough that I know I'm not wanted here, but I also have a feeling that I am my mother's only hope in not getting left completely destitute. Why do I feel I am playing Cordelia while the rest of the family are playing Regan and Goneril, while my mother plays King Lear? Actually, I might even be the Earl of Kent, while my brother Jeff is Cordelia, after all, my mother has hinted of wanting me out of the house again. Is this not what happened to the Earl of Kent, he was banished by King Lear, and hung around in disguise in order to help him? Is this what is about to unfold? Who blessed me to be living in interesting times? [Yeah, it was probably the mice! Grrrrrr!]