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02 March, 2006

Work Tomorrow

Yes, I will be working a bit tomorrow. I get paid a lot, so I like to work when I can. That means I might not get around to the usual blogs till tomorrow afternoon, or tomorrow night. I wonder if anyone will miss me! :-) ANYWAT, with the total unsuccess of the 44 Questions post, I'll let anyone here ask me any other questions, and I'll try to answer them. I'll build them up into another 'N' amount of questions Post. So if I get ten questions, I'll call the post 'Ten Questions' ... you get the idea. I don't even think the person who asked me the 44 questions really wanted to know the answers. lol
Some kids built a car which runs off Soya Bean oil. It all used OFF THE SHELF type parts that are available in any automotive store, which begs the question, why aren't the car manufacturers making these cars? They already have the infrastructure in their present factories to build them, but still insist on building ones which need petroleum. Let's face it, we can get to Mars on Soya Beans! lol Can't wait for the aircraft version of it, or the rocketship version ... Space tourism on a soya bean a day! :-)
Todays Japanese word is Chiisai - it means small. You can use it in such sentences as: Sono chinpoko wa totemo chiisai desu ne! Don't forget to ask some questions. :-)