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19 March, 2006

Knights Costume Coming Along!

After a few mishaps yesterday, the knights costumes are coming along nicely.
transfers Here are some transfers we created. Like I previously said, the Bear Rampant was a design I made years ago. The Pegasus we tried to put on Jeff's costume, only to have it not work right. We're going to paint it on with Fabric paint. The Unicorn in on mine, and I have to paint it in as well.
helmets Here are the HELMETS as they now are. Still in their infancy so to speak. We're going to create visors for the from, as well as making an area at the bottom which protrudes around the neck.
Here is my costume. I still need to do the sleaves as well as the trim (Red around the white, and white around the red). As you can see, Bear Rampant one side, Unicorn the other.
The Bear Side (look at bulging bear gut!) :-)
Unicorn the other side. (Look at that bulging ... um ... bear gut!)
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead.