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25 February, 2006

More Neuro Stuff - Mother Problem.

Speaking of Neuro Stuff, Slashdot had a link to this article today. This is all related to the what I've been talking about with the Neuro Linguistics etc the Government and ad agencies use. Interesting reading if you want to have a look. [Article is about the Neuro responses during the latest SuperBowl Ad breaks.]
In other news, my mother is still annoying me about being on the computer all the time ... reading, writing and studying etc. Apparently, there was some show about a girl who suicided who was highly intelligent and on the internet all the time ... and my mother kept looking at me and emphasising she was on the COMPUTER!!! Is she dropping hints? Earlier today I went shopping with my youngest brother, who informed me that EVERY MORNING my mother has a discussion with him, as she wants me out of the house. I'm back in my teenage years, where my parents bend over backwards to make my homelife disgustingly horrible and keep trying to PUSH me out the door, but want to do it in a way whcih makes it look like it's my decission. Anyway, it just increases my resolve to stick to my plan of studying, getting my certification and then leaving to travel the world. I'm a bit pee'd off by the fact that it cost me so much to come back here after my mother begged me for ten years to return, yet once I'm here I'm completely unwanted. I'll write more on it later. Have to go. Things to do.