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25 February, 2006

Picking Up Womens Course?

I saw this add on the internet trying to convince guys to part with their hard earned cash in order to take courses on how to pick up women. It basically asks the questions listed below, and I've decided to answer them. :-) 1. You see a woman you really find attractive, but are too afraid to talk to her. Not at all. Fear of talking to them is an understatement. If I like a girl, I am running out the door in the opposite direction. Still, I often wonder why I haven't met the women of my dreams. I figure they just can't run fast enough to catch me. 2. Thoughts of ridicule and rejection keep you from having any real success with women. No, thoughts of them kicking me in da nuts does that. As a normal self preservation response, I run out the nearest door. 3. You feel shy and want to meet girls, but don't know how. Oh, knowing how to meet girls is easy. Go to any crowded pub and hang out in the ladies room ... plenty of them in there. [Warning, this could lead to bouncers bouncing you off the walls.] Of course, before the bouncers can get in the ladies room to do that to me, I have normally run out the door. 4. You befriend a woman in the hopes of turning it into a relationship, but then you get stuck in the dreaded "Friends Zone." I like the "Friends Zone". It's a nice safe zone, and you get to keep them without fear of breaking up. If I wanted a women, I wouldn't bother befriending them. Ones that are so troubled as to need befriending are almost always too unstable to make good GF's. If I want them, I would run out the nearest door and be down the road. 5. You fall for a woman that has a boyfriend, and don't know how to get her to like you instead of him. Girls with BF's are off limit. I stick them in the taboo part of my brain and don't even bother to think about them in 'that way'. Of course, if I can't help myself, I would immediately run out the door and hope her BF isn't chasing me. 6. You meet a girl who seems to really like you, and then when you call her for a date, she acts like she doesn't know you or doesn't seem as interested as she used to be (or worse yet, doesn't return your calls at all!). Never had it happen. Let's face it, if they like me, it's most likely going to lead to one of two reactions, if I like them back, I'm out the door and running, if not, I befriend the unstable thing as she obviously needs a friend. 7. You see one jerk after another walk off with the women you want, while you're stuck being the "nice guy." Impossible. Even though I know she has walked off with a jerk, I have run out the door and am at least a kilometre away by this stage, I cannot possibly see them walk off together. Gees, what do you think I am, Superman? With those reponses, we can see why that 'Picking Up Women' course is a complete waste of time. If you want to do the Dabido Course in picking up women though here are the steps.
  1. Go somewhere that women frequent, such as nightclubs and so forth.
  2. Find a woman you like and wait till you get eye contact with them. make sure they know they are Kawaii.
  3. As soon as they seem to have some sort of mutual attraction, run out the door.
  4. Keep running as fast as you can.
  5. Have they caught you yet? No? Good, keep running, if they are intersted, they'll be right on your tail. make them work for your love.
Now, thanks to the Dabido method, you should be getting lots of good loving. At least two times more than I am getting. :-)