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25 February, 2006

Another Weirdness

Tonight we were watching 'The Biggest Loser'. They had their weigh-ins. One group lost 2.1% of their body fat this week. My mother started claiming it was real easy to do and she could do it. So I challenged her. We worked out she needed to lose 2 kilograms. She still insisted itwould be real easy. Anyway, a few minutes later, she started to claim that it was too dangerous, so she would only lose one kilo this week. I told her that she was avoiding doing what she claimed she could do. She then accused me of trying to give her a heart attack. I was like, either you can do it, or you can't. Don't claim you can do something and then make excuses for it. She insisted that she was doing the challenge, but she only had to lose one kilo for health reasons ... it's like, that's 1% of your weight NOT what you claimed you could do! Gees, If only certain parts of the world were like that ... so I only have to repay half a loan I take out, or I only have to run half a marathon to get a Gold medal ... life would be so much easier. Anyway, I suspect two reasons for her being in a bad mood tonight. She had to spend the day at my sisters cleaning her house (as my sister always seems to need help for some reasons which I won't go into). The second reason is when she arrived home, she discovered I'd done a lot of study and stuff today which helps me along my way. She seemed to really resent the fact I had done good without her hear to annoy me. I am of the opinion she really wants me to fail ... it's just like when I was a teenager. I friggin' regret ever leaving Sydney to return to Perth when she's like that.