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05 January, 2006

What is your Dangerous Idea?

WHAT IS YOUR DANGEROUS IDEA? That's the question asked by The World Question Center for this year. Last years 'What we beleive but cannot prove' was a good question too. The thing I liked about it, was a LOT of scientific minded people actually gave good answers regarding scientific things which were (or are) accepted as fact, yet are not yet proven. The reason I thought that was good, is I always run into people who claim that one theory or another is a FACT, when it's just a theory. Most theories are either refined or disproven once more facts, better theories or better methods of measurement come about. It doesn't mean the theories are worthless, it just means that they are stepping stones to better understanding. THAT is why the answers were good, it put science back in persepctive as a tool. It showed that the scientific method had reason. It kicked the groins of the 'Science is God' community who think Science has already proven everything to be a fact. Where the people within the community become religious zealots who laugh at anyone who asks legitimate questions regarding the theories. [Note, most of this community are Armchair Scientists NOT the real scientists. Real scientists accept the limitations of what is now known and seek clarification throguh the use of science.] I've read through most of the ideas so far (and there are lots). I thought this by Geoffrey Miller was the best of what I read so far. Probably because it does hold a bright future for for human kind, and probably because a lot of what he talks about is actually happening. Of course, it does have one small flaw - it doesnt' take into account a 'Brave New World' style of making babies - where the races don't die off, but continue, with the exploration of the galaxies and science slowing to a crawl, but still continuing. Who knows though, maybe he will be proved 100% correct in the next ten years.