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01 January, 2006

Happy New Year Part 2

I forgot to add that to the last post ... even though it was the heading!! 私は揺れる! Wooops! I wanted to say I ROCK! ... but I said "I am a rock!" Baka! (At least that's what I think it says! I'll ask Mami-chan later!) ;-) Actually, I just wanted to say something in Japanese to bring in the new year! ;-)

I'm sticking my Suanie picture here ... because I WANT MORE PRAISE FOR IT! (Yeah, what a praise ho I am being ... but I was pretty proud of this ... and well, Suanie hasn't been past to give her opinion yet and really, that's the OPINION I WANNA HEAR!!!!! But the rest of you can praise it in the meantime too if you want ... ) ;-) Actually, I'm sure Suanie has not seen it, and so I stuck it here again so that she won't have to wade through my achive to find it ... HERE IT IS SUANIE!!!! DO YOU LIKE IT??????

So, no need for the rest of you all to praise it ... :-) [But you can if you want ... ] :-)

BUT ... it also allows me to ask again for people who wanna have a pic done! ESPECIALLY GIRLS! HEY GIRLS, I WANNA DRAW YOU ... MAYBE ... IF MY BRAIN STILL FUNCTIONS ... aw ... it's late! Bed time, I haven't slept all year! :-) Last thing I ate was last year too.

That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. :-)