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03 January, 2006

Sorrry - Just the Artist Coming Out in Me

Something Interesting I noticed over at ST's site in his year that's been roundup. I've seen this photo before, but the first thing I noticed (other than Suanie doing naughty things to KY) is that the line / bonestructure of Suanie and FA's face are the same. WOW! I'm not saying they are the same person (but hey .. .I'm sure some conspiracy theorist out there has already jumped to that conclusion) ... or even that they look the saem - but I do wonder, with such similar facial shapes, are they related in some way? Distant cousins? Unfortunately, in proving my point, I have lost some definition superimposing Suanie's face over the top of FA's ... but as you can clearly see, the bone structure is very similar. Of course, FA's face is at a slightly different angle to Suanies ... but still the shape is there.