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04 January, 2006

Some People are just 100% full of $#!7

My mother thanked me for not having gone to the UK, but choosing to stay to help her with this legal CR4P my father is putting her through. I went and picked up the legal papers today. There is hardly a word of truth in the entire document. Anyway, through all those lies and other things, we're going to go off to talk to the lawyers and it looks good to me. We just need a good Solicitor. Her name isn't even spelt right on the documents and he's got the wrong date for the marriage (by ten years & wrong day) and it makes him look like he provided for her and she isn't on a pension and stuff. What a load of LIES!!!! Anyway, I think my mother is pretty safe as far as the house is concerned. We just need to get some Solicitor to find out some facts and stuff and I think we're home and hosed. My mother is a little stressed over all the lies and stuff, but I think it'll be okay. :-) It just goes to prove that my father is still 100% full of $#!7 and trying to leave my mother as poor and destitute as possible.