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04 January, 2006

Japanese T-Shirts Have Arrived!

Was trying to get some sleep this morning, but alas, my mother doesn't like me sleeping for some reason. My Japanese T-Shirts from the US of A arrived (I ordered a heap of Japanese stuff, only to find half of it was coming from San Diego - which doubled my postage costs!) Here are the first two - One of left says: NO FOREIGNERS ALLOWED. This is a sendup of a sign they often put outside Japanese Bars/Pubs/Discos in order to keep non-Japanese from entering (because let's face it, us Gaijin just upset the wa!!) So, it emulates that, as well as having soemthing I hadn't noticed when I ordered the T-Shirt ... one of the little figures is sticking his finger up! Woo hoo! Take that Racist Establishmens in Japan! The second T-Shirt says: ZETSURIN POWER Which the sellers translate was 'Confident in my sexual prowess' - I think 'Sex God' or something along those lines might be a better translation ... which ever way you translate it, it basically means 'Unequaled Power' I hve no idea how the Japanese translate that into SEXUAL ... but Zetsurin is basically, 'Peerless', 'Unequal', 'Unbeatable' etc. You get the gist. I got it because I thought it was funny ... when I explained it to my mother, she thought people would think I was bragging ... I guess it depends on how you interpret it. I'm wearing the white T-Shirt today. It means: STUPID FORIEGNER (aka Baka Gaijin) And you know how often I call myself stupid! BAKA BODOH DABIDO! :-) The Black T-Shirt says: Appplications Open for Japanese Girlfriend. Yes, we all know my obsession with all things Japanesie Femalie (I think that's the latin). I can't say my obsessions relates to all things Japanese, as my mother told me the Japanese were coming out to play Baseball against Australia, and I went, 'Baseball? Yuch!' She then told my Grandmother (Nana) that I liked the idea ... HUH? Space Jump!!!! Anyway, I still have some headbands and a Lucky Charm Buddhist Snake Card thing ... not because I believe in Luck (It's unlucky to beleive in luck), but because I like being a cool snake - and let's face it, snakes are good in Buddhist circles (where as they trick females into eating apples in Christian/Jewish etc Circles ... ) So girls, sit back, relax and have a juicey apple. Actually, I hate it when Non-Buddhists translate being a SNAKE into something bad. One of my old flatmates was really into that sort of thing, and she always used to tell me that ebing a Gemini meant I was two faced and couldn't be trusted, which was contrary to Zodiac beliefs, and she always said that being born in the year of the snake meant I was an evil person who couldn't be trusted ... and whenever I pointed out that neither the Chinese Zodiac nor the Western ones said that about Gemini and Snakes, she would agree ... but then still insist that it did mean what she said ... HUH! Some people just defy logic some days ... but she was a very stupid person who couldn't follow logic at the best of times.
In other news today - the legal papers have arrived, but my father didn't send it to my mother's name, even after my father asked what she was using as a surname. He sent it to her OLD name. (Pre divorce name). So now she can't pick the papers up from the post office. It seems to be a stalling tactic to me. He knows and was TOLD last time he phoned that she was using her maiden name. Still, he insisted on sending it in the old married name. I wonder if there is still some psychological crap where he still thinks he owns her or something. My mother is looking for her divorce papers, but unless she can find them she won't be able to pick up the legal papers. Talk about being totally screwed over. If she can't pick up the papers, she can't organise a defence. Hopefully, she'll find the papers and be able to have the papers picked up. My younger brother (The untrustworthy one) phoned to see if my mother had the papers yet ... like, he knows (even my mother said that). It's all crap! It's all about greedy selfish B@$T@D$ trying to take what they can from my mother or from my youngest brother.